parqueThe Parque de Atracciones is an amazing amusement park in Madrid’s Casa de Campo. It’s the 3rd largest theme park in Spain and has been the source of fabulous days of fun for many years! When the park first opened in 1969 it was a typical fun fair of the time. With bumper cars, fun houses and several small mechanical rides. But of course, over time the park grew and was constantly evolving to meet to new and exciting demand of the public. in 1998 the park went through a major makeover – It was expanded into 4 themed zones:

The Mechanism Zone is full of rollercoasters and other adrenaline junkie rides. The Nature Zone is famous for its wet and wild water rides. The Nickelodeon Zone is all about the kids and the Relaxed Zone is for those who need a little less thrill and a little more chill. Today the park is a strong opponent for it’s competition the Warner Park and welcomes around 2.2 million people every year!

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How to get there

The park is located in Casa de Campo, very close to the Madrid Rio! You can access the park very easily by car and by various public transport systems. If you’re taking the metro you simply need to get to Metro Batán on line 10. Once you get out of the metro you need only walk 50 metres to the park entrance! The official Parque de Atracciones website offers a great way to plan your visit – you can map out your drive or see which bus stops you need to get to! So what are you waiting for!?

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