10961631_1408954172740240_999886854_nHi everybody! I’m Jorge and I’m the one organizing the trips around here. I was Born and raised in Madrid, after finishing my law studies I moved to London, Puerto Rico and Back to London. After this experience and some serious backpacking around Southeast Asia, I had an epiphany – travelling was what I liked the most. And, it would certainly be what I would devote my time to.

What is the best part of my role here at Citylife? Well, all the traveling is cool, but so is the huge amount of support I always get from the rest of the Citylife team! Whether it’s a day excursion to a medieval town or a music festival in Ibiza, a weekend-long trip to Portugal or an epic trip across the Sahara desert, whenever I organize a trip the goal is always the same, coming up with a memorable trip, a unique experience that each one of us could treasure in our memory for years to come.

11001500_1408954189406905_1572012266_oWhen I’m not travelling I’m most likely messing around with my photos. I’m also a devoted follower of Game of Thrones, House of Cards, Fargo and quite a few other shows so, when new episodes are out there, chances are that and I’m watching them.

Check out Citylife Madrids amazing line up of great trips! I hope to meet you all in our next adventure!


As a part of the Citylife community we want to get to know all of our staff so you can feel as comfortable as possible during your stay in Madrid! Check out the About Citylife Madrid page to meet all of the crew and learn a little more about what Citylife is all about!


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