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Keep the Wanderlust Alive!

Never stop exploring. At least, this is what we at Citylife believe deep in our hearts! We may not be able to travel right now, but we will never stop dreaming of all the beautiful destinations out there! Take a virtual trip through Spain, Morocco and Portugal by enjoying our amazing video collection below. We hope they inspire you to join us on the road again in the future!

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Exploring Spain with Citylife Trips

Spain is a beautiful country full of wonderful places to discover! From the snow-capped mountains in the north, to a dramatic coastline in the west and the majestic shores on the Mediterranean – Spain has something for everyone. With such a diverse history you can travel back in time with Celtic, Roman, Moorish, Jewish and Islamic architecture all over the country. While experiencing the history don’t forget to enjoy the amazing cuisine!

Citylife Madrid will take you on adventures you’ll never forget. Meet new people, try new things and truly experience Spain! 

Andalucia: Sevilla & Córdoba

Cuenca: Canyoning Adventure

Barcelona: More than a City

Toledo: City of Three Cultures

Exploring Morocco with Citylife Trips

Enriched with Arab, Berber, European, and African influences, Morocco is a multifaceted country unlike any other. From snow-dusted mountains to plush sand deserts and emerald coastlines, this exotic country has a little something to offer any wanderlust traveler. You will be enamored with the ancient history that is still preserved within the beauty of its bustling medinas, intricately designed mosques, and expansive Kasbahs. Above all, the mystic tranquility you will find while staring into the star-studded sky from the Sahara desert will leave you with an unforgettable adventure of a lifetime.

Take a moment to stop at any of the flourishing markets in the narrow, winding streets of the cities to buy rich spices, vividly bright items of clothing, fresh fruit, and much more!

Morocco: The African Adventure I

North Morocco: Tangier & The Blue City

Morocco: The African Adventure II

Morocco: The African Adventure III

Exploring Portugal with Citylife Trips

Portugal is a beautiful, trendy, breathtaking country, filled with history and culture. There are many reasons why you should visit, from the good weather, and its optimal location on the coast. It’s cities are brimming with medieval relics, extravagant churches, and impressive architecture. Home to the famous port wine from porto and the thriving ambiance of Lisbon. It simply can’t be missed!

Citylife Madrid will take you on adventures you’ll never forget. Meet new people, try new things and truly experience Portugal!

Portugal: Lisbon & Porto I

Portugal: Lisbon & Porto II

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