Each year Citylife Madrid helps thousands of young internationals to prepare for their study abroad experience. Not only do we help students prepare for the trip itself, but we also believe in helping students enjoy their time in Madrid & Spain to the fullest once they’re here! Feel free to use our comprehensive collection of resources below to learn about Madrid and how it can become your future destination to study in Spain.

Studying abroad in Spain is a great way to gain new experiences, learn about different cultures, and develop your language skills. However, the cost of studying in Spain can be a major obstacle for many international students. Fortunately, there are various scholarships available that can help you finance your studies & time in Spain.

Budget your trip to Spain properly by reading our helpful Cost of Living in Madrid article! It will give you details about the cost of housing, transportation, food, leisure and more!

How to Find Scholarships to Study in Spain

Spanish Government Scholarships

The Spanish government offers several scholarships to international students. A popular program is for example the “Becas MAEC-AECID” scholarship, which covers tuition fees, accommodation, and travel expenses for students from Latin American and African countries. Another program is the “Becas España” scholarship, which is open to students from around the world and covers tuition fees, living expenses, and health insurance.

Erasmus+ Program

The Erasmus+ program is a European Union initiative that offers scholarships to students who want to study in another European country. Under this program, you can study in Spain for a semester or a full academic year, and you’ll receive a scholarship to cover a certain extent of your travel, accommodation, and living expenses. To be eligible for the program, you must be a student at a university or college that has a partnership with a Spanish institution. Contact the international office of your home university to understand application requirements and deadlines.

Spanish Universities Scholarships

Many Spanish universities offer scholarships to international students who want to study in Spain. These scholarships can cover tuition fees, accommodation, and living expenses. To apply for these scholarships, you must first apply to the university and be accepted. Then, you can inquire about the available scholarships and the application process. Here you can find a list of universities & business schools in Madrid.


Private Organizations Scholarships

Private organizations also offer scholarships to international students who want to study in Spain. For example, the Hispanic-American Foundation offers scholarships to American students who want to study in Spain. The scholarships cover tuition fees, accommodation, and travel expenses. Similarly, the Instituto de Empresa Foundation offers scholarships to students who want to study at the Instituto de Empresa Business School in Madrid.

Scholarship Platforms for Madrid and Spain

Last but not least, here are some more sources to search for a scholarship for your time in Spain:

Studying in Madrid

Read everything there is regarding the beautiful city Madrid, it’s amazing student life, cost of living and available scholarships for internationals students. We also included our free “Moving to Madrid Made Easy” guides to help you prepare for your trip to Madrid and to settle in smoothly into your new life here.

Learn even more about moving to Madrid by attending one of our daily “Moving to Madrid” webinars! These sessions are led by members of our experienced team and aim to help you prepare for your time in Spain’s amazing capital!

In conclusion, studying in Spain can be an enriching experience, and there are many scholarships available that can help you finance your studies. Whether you’re interested in learning about Spanish culture, improving your language skills, or pursuing a degree, there’s a scholarship out there that can help make your dream a reality.

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