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Whether you’re in Madrid to study, teach English, intern or au pair, it’s always great to have a little spot in town to escape to. There are hundreds of study spots in Madrid. Whether they are cozy little cafes to study or professional coworking spaces. So, we thought we’d give you a little jump start on your search for the perfect hangout. Below is a list of centrally located study spots that are well known for these types of crowds – some even with libraries and book stores of their own! So grab the book you’re currently reading and head over these lovely locations in Madrid!

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1. Little Big Cafe

A little cafe with a big heart! Little Big Cafe is one of the most adorable cafes to study in Madrid. With a friendly atmosphere and scrumptious eats! Their yummy menu of breakfasts, desserts, sandwiches, cakes, and smoothies allows for some quiet study time throughout the entire day! The cafe is located at Calle Fernández de los Ríos, 61 (Moncloa) and is open from 9:00-20:00. There’s also a second location on Calle Maria Molina, 24 (Avenida de América).

2. Talent Garden

This modern space was made specifically for the new age of studying and coworking in Madrid. Talent Garden is campus with an open concept layout, offering a wide range of services and memberships. From access work spaces, offices and conference rooms to paid membership fees, which depend on what you need the space for and for how long. They also offer workshops and community benefits for their members! The campus is located at Calle de Juan de Mariana, 15 (Delicias) and is open for 24hrs, every day! For more information, check out their website here.

3. Monkee Koffee

Monkee Koffee is a sweet coffee shop that prides itself on enjoying coffee and getting to know everyone who walks through its doors. Open everyday from 9:00-8:00 pm, you can study while munching on delicious pastries and sipping coffee. Find this cafe on Calle de Vallehermoso, 112 (Canal). If you don’t have anything to read, try the Monkee Koffee blog that highlights different types of coffee.

4. Google Campus

Due to COVID-19 all Google Campus’ have gone completely virtual. Keep up with their plans by visiting their website.

Another one of the popular study spots in Madrid is the Google Campus. The space is a great for coworking in madrid as well! It was made to support aspiring startup and is great for group projects and team meetings, however, it may not be the most quiet place if you need to study solo. The campus is known for informative and interactive conferences and workshops. Entry to the campus is free and you can find it at Calle Moreno Nieto, 2 (Puerta del Ángel). For more information, check out their official website, here.

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5. Delic

Sticking with the theme of artisan chic restaurants is Delic. A home-style, organic eatery by day and a funky bar by night, Delic is certainly a hotspot. The comfortable atmosphere makes for a perfect work zone for groups or individuals looking to make some progress while eating some yummy snacks. The menu is very eclectic, with options of popular dishes from around the world, a menu del dia, tasty sweets and cocktails! The place is located at Calle Costanilla de San Andrés, 14 (La Latina), and has varying hours throughout the week.

6. Cambridge Soho Club

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The Cambridge Soho Club is a London chic place that is popular for its good food and drinks, but it’s also popular for students and teachers to get work done. The space is quite large, with a lot of space for big groups of people to gather and work together. If you’re an English teacher looking for a place to hold your classes, not only do they have sections designed for a discussion setting, but you can get a great discount at the Soho Club! The Club is located at Plaza de España, 6 (Plaza de España) and is open throughout the day and even hosts a delicious and popular dinner menu! For more schedule info check out their website.

7. Cafe Mür

Fun drinks, yummy food, a warm fire, and good prices. You’ll find all these things at the wonderful Cafe Mür! With so many little study spots, you can choose to sit on the couch and prepare your lessons or finish a project at a well lit table by the window. Either way you’ll feel comfortable. Like the rest of the places on this list, Cafe Mür has an exciting menu stocked full with sweets, toasts, beverages and a menu for every meal! You’ll find the cafe at Plaza Cristino Martos, 2 (Ventura Rodriguez). The cafe is open from 09:00-22:00 during the week and from 10:00-02:00 on weekends!

8. La Bicicleta

This is one of the best cafes to study in Madrid among expats and international students! La Bicicleta, open Sunday through Monday until midnight and Thursday through Saturday until 2:30, is a can’t miss  cafe located on Plaza de San Ildefonso, 9 (Chueca). La Bicicleta mixes three elements: a cafe, a workspace, and an art gallery. This space is really dedicated for being a worker’s paradise, with free WiFi, plenty of outlets, chargers, and lockers. English is spoken inside the cafe, so don’t worry about any communication barriers. They also have a really nice brunch!

9. Religion Coffee

Religion Coffee is a great place to study in Madrid. Being located in the heart of Salamanca, it’s well prepared for those wanting to spend time working over a delicious and reasonably priced coffee in Madrid. Additionally Religion Coffee is the perfect spot for groups looking for space to work on a project along with some great coffee to get you through the workload. This is a great place to grab a hot drink, gather your thoughts and enjoy your time.

10. 1000 Cups

Located in the heart of Quevedo, 1000 Cups is a busy café, but it’s never short of space for one more thinker. This café features lots of open space to work from and there is the option of terrace seating in the warm summer months. Being a café full of books, 1000 Cups is a great place to spark new ideas. The Coffee is incredible, the wifi strong (once you register) and there is always water available. One thing to note is sitting down at a table 1000 cups charges a few cents more but it is more than worth it for the great space and peace to get work done.

11. Hola Coffee

Hola Coffee is a café serving speciality coffee, featuring the perfect balance of a laid back and intimate atmosphere. This Café in Madrid is relaxed and easy-going but they take their coffee seriously. Being in the centre of Lavapies, this café can get quite packed but it is well worth the visit to enjoy some great modern music while sipping your coffee. If you find yourself near Plaza De España, they now offer a second location called Misión Café, with their speciality coffee, a wide range of delicious meals, and lots of space to study.

12. Hanso Café

With its cool hip-hop style decor and chilled atmosphere, HanSo Café is the ideal place to study in Madrid. Here, you won’t be short of snacks to keep your energy up as this spot offers an all-day brunch as well as a huge menu with a range of quality coffees to keep you focused.

13. Nomade Café

If you’re searching for something different, Nomade Café is a great space to pass some hours. Formally known as La infinito, this new and improved space offers an exciting french style brunch and an array of hot drinks. Coming from the French word for nomad, it is easy to feel welcome from the minute you step foot in this vibrant café. Tucked away in the quiet backwaters of Anton Martin and Lavapiés, Nomade Café brings a great bohemian vibe to the area, playing great music in its sunny corner location. Being filled with books this is a place you can let your imagination roam. Additionally, the prices are cheap, making it easy to see why it’s so popular.

14. Librería La Central de Callao

Located a stone’s throw away from Gran Vía in the centre, this place is completely unique. With a collection of over 70,000 volumes of specialised books in philosophy, history, social science and literature and a super cool bistro to boot, it’s easy to spend the day roaming Liberías three floors. With the added perk of being open until midnight most nights, it’s a must-visit, and while there you can give the great selection of cakes and savoury treats a try! The lectures and presentations on offer are fascinating, ranging from events devoted to comics and illustration to presentations from acclaimed authors. Buzzy and peaceful all at once, this is an inspiring setting for an afternoon’s reading or writing.

15. CoWorking Spain

If you’re looking for even more unique study spots in Madrid, then we recommend CoWorking Spain. This is an online portal that brings together all the best locations for coworking in Madrid and other cities across the country. It’s really easy to use! All you need to do is enter the website and select the right filters that match what you’re looking for. Then you can choose from the various locations listed there.

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  • Andreea P.
    20/06/2022 12:33

    Very important info: I went to Nomade cafe to work and they told me it’s possible only after 2pm. So have that in mind if you’d like to work on your laptop.

  • Sophie Lloyd
    19/08/2018 17:10

    Hi Joachim, I agree that La Infinito is a great cafe for working / studying and they have a great selection of books too. I also really like the workspace downstairs. La Colectiva Cafe has a great workspace in their basement too! I recently wrote a blog post with my favorite cafes to work in and thought you might be interested to read it. https://blog.ailolamadrid.com/2018/08/13/best-cafes-for-studying-spanish-in-madrid/


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