Learn everything there is to know about moving to Madrid and how to make the process as easy and stress-free as possible! This Moving to Madrid webinar is free and will be hosted by experienced members of our team who have been living and working in the city for many years and who have a lot of helpful insights to share. This session will cover important topics to complete BEFORE you get on the plane as well as everything you need to sort out UPON arrival.

​​​​​​​The same Moving to Madrid webinar will take place on several different dates. Please select which one is best for you!

Our webinars will cover:

  • Finding your home in Madrid & avoiding scams
  • How to set up essentials like your public transportation card & a Spanish phone number – from home
  • Understanding the Spanish Healthcare System & choosing the right health insurance
  • Opening a Spanish bank account & understanding what money transfer options are available
  • Understanding the visa process and additional legal procedures
  • Integrating into Spanish life and getting the most out of your time abroad
  • Q&A session so you can clarify all your doubts
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