In this era of global markets and international integration, setting the right foundations for a prosperous and successful career is critical. A high level education coupled with international experience is an important asset for students competing in the premium job market. Nowadays, students are required to not only show an impressive academic resume, but also to bring a set of experiences that will allow them to manage any challenges that their future career may bring. 

World Abroad Connect – The World in Your Hands

World Abroad Connect is our USA based provider that acts as our sister company and connection to various USA based educational programs. It was founded to make it easier for students to attain these invaluable international and educational experiences. We work side by side with educational institutions, mostly from the United States, to create a unique framework for faculty led study abroad programs that match exactly what their students are looking for.

The programs themselves can range from minors courses and internships at various businesses, to programs with combined classes and consulting simulations with real local businesses. These programs are currently placed in Italy, Spain and Germany and can be customized to other European cities upon request by the College.

In addition to working with each University/College to provide the required facilities needed for the educational side of the program, World Abroad Connect can facilitate a wide variety of logistical services for both the students as well as the faculty.

These logistical services include:

  • Finding & providing excellent classroom locations with proper equipment (wifi, printers, desks, projectors, etc.)
  • Housing arrangements for both students & teachers
  • Airport pickups for students & teacher
  • Optional meal plans if desired
  • Welcome packages to assist in integrating to each city (pre-trip preparation & arrival material)
  • Welcome orientation sessions in each city hosted by faculty & the World Abroad Connect team
  • Healthcare support (joint hospital & pharmacy visits if required)
  • SIM card setup (Spanish/Italian phone numbers, data packages, devices)
  • Public transportation support (transport card, maps, safety instructions)
  • Safety protocol & advice:
    • Insights from our local team for each city for students and their parents to go over before the trip
    • Free time protocol that follows rules provided by the college program
  • General 24/7 support from our local teams in each city.

In addition to creating a safe and well rounded educational experience, World Abroad Connect can also integrate various social and cultural experiences into the program. This is made possible by the fact that World Abroad Connect also operates as a licensed travel agency, focusing on international students and culture.

These social & cultural experiences include:

  • Welcome & farewell dinners for students and faculty
  • Optional social events for students (bowling, dinners, etc.)
  • Museum visits for students & faculty
  • Walking tours, food tours & tasting for students & faculty
  • Assistance with social plans for faculty:
    • Dinner reservations & local suggestions
    • Organization of excursions
  • Cultural shows (e.g. Flamenco shows in Spain)
  • Company visits & business summits depending on program type
  • Group trips throughout Spain/Italy or other European countries:
    • Completely organized by World Abroad Connect
    • World Abroad Connect representative will join to help facilitate

Future Leaders Program – Today’s Talents, Tomorrow’s Leaders

Future Leaders is a unique program that sets itself apart from all the others due to the invaluable, real world experience it gives to its participants. This program strives to help students take knowledge which they have gained during their classes and apply it to real work life. It functions as a consulting simulation program where groups of foreign students work for a particular client (like HBO, Lidl, Coca Cola) on a real project. 

This program gives invaluable insight to students as it enables them to experience working with a real, operational client as a consultant. This program also give students to learn from a more European perspective, which will only add value to their overall resume. The main focus of the program is to help students hone their business skills in a real life setting, with the guidance of their professors.

These Business Skills Include:

  • Project Management in general (Setup, Kick-Off, Monitoring, etc.)
  • Client Expectation Management
  • Cross Cultural Awareness (adapting to your European client)
  • Improving Relationship Management
  • Preparing, conducting and concluding of client status meetings
  • Working in teams
  • Effective communication in an international environment
  • Applying and improving soft skills in general (e.g. effective presentation)

The program is Faculty Led in collaboration with the respective University/College and is made up of a combination of classes, group work and client meetings. Students will participate in bootcamps, brown bag sessions and group work sessions. In addition to these educational aspects, the program will also include the same logistical and cultural aspects that we mentioned before to ensure every participant from students to teachers create unique experiences in a safe environment.

Create Your Study Abroad Program with World Abroad Connect

Ensure that you offer only the best to your students and create your study abroad program with World Abroad Connect. We will work with you to provide a full, tailor-made program that will surely leave an impression on your students. Additionally, we can offer single services for select aspects of your program if you aren’t in need of the full package. Simply reach out to us for a consultation and let us know what you have in mind.

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