Studying or working in Spain is, in our opinion, an amazing opportunity. Aside from the a great climate, an amazing diverse landscape and good food, Spain offers a rich cultural and historical heritage, affordable cost of living and a relaxed, modern lifestyle. All this has made Spain a main destination of choice for international students & expats, with Madrid at the center of it all.

If you are planning to study in Spain or if you are you searching for a job or internship position, our Citylife Career Hub will come in handy.

The Citylife Career Hub outlines everything you need to know when it comes to either studying or working in Spain. Our focus lies on our beautiful home town Madrid. Below you fill find relevantup-to date information regarding variety of topics like available job & career platforms, Madrid’s top universities & business schools, popular study abroad programs as well as everything you need to know to plan and execute your move to Spain. Simply keep reading to explore everything there is to know about studying & working in this amazing country.

Studying in Madrid & Spain – Discover your Options

We work hand in hand with many of Madrid’s universities as well as many study abroad programs to organize their programs in Madrid but also in Barcelona, Italy (Rome & Milan) and Germany. Read more about our services and how we can help you here.

Working in Madrid & Spain – Jobs, Internships & Student Jobs in Madrid

If you’re looking for an internship or a job in Spain it may seem overwhelming at first. You might not know where and how to look for work, and you might have to deal with a language barrier as well. In our Working in Spain guide you will find valuable information on finding a job or an internship in Madrid. Additionally we provide information on required legal procedures, from Spanish work permits for Non-EU citizens to how to apply for your NIE / TIE and Social Security number in Spain.

This guide is constantly evolving. We regularly add new job positions & platforms as well as work opportunities for foreigners who do not have a high level of Spanish (English teaching assistants, Au Pairs, volunteers, etc). In the end, our main focus lies on providing access to jobs, search platforms and internship positions in Madrid for foreigners.

Are you searching for an internship in Madrid or Spain but not having any luck so far? Check out our Internship VIP Search Service and jump start your career with our support.

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