Spain takes education – particularly higher education – very seriously. It’s because of this that students from all over the globe have chosen to take their Master’s programs here. In recent years, Spain’s educational system has gone through a rigorous development process with the goal of creating more programs and opportunities for international students.

In addition to high quality programs, students pursuing a Master’s degree in Spain can explore this beautiful country and all that is has to offer, such as beautiful beaches, stunning natural landscapes, medieval towns, rugged mountains, dynamic cities, an almost perfect climate, and an interesting mix of cultures.

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There are a wide variety of Master’s degree programs all around Spain that international students can choose from. Some examples include management, business, design, fine arts, energy, religious studies, international development, and education, among many others. Theses programs can be offered in full-time, part-time and online formats, each having different requirements and lengths depending on the program and university.

Learn more about how to choose and apply to a Master’s program in Spain below. You may find that your education is waiting for you!

Before Applying

Never apply for the first program you find! Always take some time to invest in some thorough research on the programs offered, the degrees they give and university that hosts them. To compare the best university programs in Spain we recommend checking out two awesome portals – Study Portals and Mundo Posgrado. These sites will help you narrow down which university you will be interested in.

Once you’ve filtered through your many options, head to each university’s web page and take a tour of all the information they offer. This information typically includes a deeper look into their degree programs, the requirements to complete the degree and how to apply.

Once your selection process is complete you can begin with the application! You can apply to as many programs as you’d like, just be aware that application fees are not always cheap, and will catch up to you quickly.

The Application

Master’s programs in Spain are usually taught in either Spanish or English, all depending on the university. One of the many application requirements will be proficient knowledge of the primary language of the course. Students who are not native in that language will be expected to prove this level of ability by presenting a certificate. Additionally, most programs will require that their students have earned a Bachelor’s degree and will also require proof of this accomplishment. Finally, all programs will need to see a copy of your valid passport.

Because you will be applying to a Spanish school, it’s recommended that you submit your forms in Spanish. It’s not usually a requirement, but the faculty will be Spanish speaking and this will allow for your submission to be processed more quickly.


Once you’ve been accepted into your desired program you’ll need to start arranging your legal paperwork! Depending on your nationality and desired length of stay in Spain, you will need to apply for both a Student Visa and a Spanish Residence Card. Your university will be able to provide a handful of neseary documents for these legal documents, but they will not help you with the process itself. For this, we recommend to get in touch with Moving to Spain (MTS), they are experts in the field of international students relocating to Spain. In case of questions and suggestions, feel free to reach out to us via email!

Let the journey begin!

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