One of the most important decisions you will have to make when coming to Madrid is deciding where and how you want to live! We’re sure your list of questions is probably long, but have no fear – Citylife is here!

On this accommodation search platform we’ve narrowed down all the most important topics that come up during a housing hunt. Simply use the table of contents to jump directly to the section of your choice, or continue reading everything we’ve outlined for you for a full overview!

If you want to dive deeper into the housing market in Madrid and learn everything we have to share, make sure you read our comprehensive guide to Student & Expat Housing in Madrid. Additionally, you can join our Housing in Madrid forum on WhatsApp by sending us a message with “housing” to +34 656 190 745.

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1. Citylife Housing – Student Rooms and Flats

If you’re looking for a safe, modern and fully equipped room in a shared apartment in the heart of Madrid, Citylife Housing should be the first place you look! With Citylife’s own shared apartments, you’ll find modern, furnished, equipped and secure rooms in neighbourhoods like Sol and Malasaña.

Being a tenant of Citylife Housing also means that you’ll receive weekly cleaning services, 5G internet, 24/7 emergency support, access to our international community as well as our various services and an automatic subscription to our City Card membership for the duration of your stay.

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Rental agencies and search platforms are by far the most popular way for incoming students and expats to find their home in Madrid. With so many options at your disposal, it can be difficult to know which ones are the best to start with and which ones should be avoided. In this chapter of our accommodation search platform we’ve outlined our top picks and recommendations based on our many years of experience.

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Important: The following is simply a list of recommendations to help you start your housing search. All students, expats, and young internationals are responsible for doing their own research and due diligence before signing any contract or making any payments to any housing agency/landlord.

Paid search platforms don’t own their own flats. They advertise locations that they inspect and trust and have approved. That’s why they charge a booking service fee. These apartments might be owned by private landlord or rental agencies.

Our Top Recommendations are: Spotahome* & Housing Anywhere

Alternative secure housing platforms:

*Save up to 20% at Spotahome, Housinganywhere, Roomless, Lodgerin & Inlife with our discount code CITYLIFEMADRID.

Rental agencies manage many flats. They typically rent individual rooms in large shared flats, but some will also have various studio apartments or entire flats available for you to rent. Student Residences typically rent single or double bedrooms.

3. Best Residences & Co-Living in Madrid

Student Residences are usually more expensive and typically rent single or double bedrooms in an international atmosphere with all the supplies you need.

Our Top Recommendations are: MiCasaInn and Yugo

Other great student residences:

For more options, simply click here.

When you’re finished reading through our accommodation search platform, don’t forget to make sure you understand what legal documents (NIETIEEmpadronamiento & Social Security Number) you need to live legally in Spain. Don’t miss a thing with our Ultimate Spain Immigration Guide!

4. Madrid Homestay Options

By living with a local family you’ll have a chance to practice your Spanish, to try traditional Spanish foods and to experience other important aspects ofSpanish traditions throughout the year.

Read more about Spanish Homestay options here.

5. Free Online Search Platforms

The following platforms are free to use for everyone. This means that even though there are many options, there are also potential risks of misconduct and scams.

fotocasa, idealista, Homelike, roomgo, piso compartido, housfy.

Homelike is an online booking platform for furnished apartments, with 85,000+ apartments in 450+ cities. It is a great option for people on the move who are in need of accommodation from one month onwards with flexible move in and move out dates. With all the utilities including internet costs already included in the rent!

6. Start Your Housing Search Right with Our Expert Hints & Tips

  • Interior vs. Exterior Light: Some apartments in Madrid have direct access to exterior light while others have only access to interior light (building interior). Room prices between the two vary with exterior light being pricier.
  • Furniture & Appliances: When searching for your new home, make sure you understand exactly what is being offered to you. Some places are fully furnished and supplied with all you need, while others are not.You can buy things to decorate & furnish your new home at places like El Universo del Hogar, Muy Mucho, Primark, Zara Home & Ikea.
  • Quiet Areas vs. Active Areas: Make sure you are fully prepared to live in the barrio you have chosen so you are not met with any unpleasant surprises. If you need a quiet and relaxed neighbourhood, living in the central, cultural and social hubs of the city will not work for you. If you love life in the streets, the noise and the action of living in the city, then the quiet residential areas in the north will not be the best options for you!
  • Connection to Your Surroundings: Check either online or by exploring your potential neighbourhood to ensure that you have easy access to the metro, buses, supermarkets and anything else that you prefer to have nearby!

6.2 Understanding Your Contract

  • Monthly Rent: The amount you will have to pay on a monthly basis. Always check the deadline for paying it to avoid any penalization. It is common in Spain to pay the rent in the first week of each month via money transfer or in cash.
  • Expenses/Fees: Always check if the rental price includes all expenses (gastos incluidos) like gas, electricity (luz), water and community costs (gastos de comunidad). They are not always included and will need to be paid in addition to the rent. The average cost is 40€ per person.
  • Deposit & Commissions: You will most likely be asked to pay an upfront security deposit equivalent to one or two months’ rent. It will be used to cover any damages that may exist when you leave the apartment at the end of your stay. The deposit will be returned a few months after you’ve moved out. We recommend always asking for a receipt once you’ve paid the deposit.
  • Duration of Contract: It is very important to check the length of your contract and what happens if you leave the apartment before the contract ends. Usually, you have 30 days to communicate your intention to move out to your landlord. If you leave earlier than 30 days you might be obliged to find a replacement tenant or pay a penalty fee (one month of rent maximum).
  • Code of Conduct: When renting a flat through a company, there will be clear and concise rules that they will expect you to abide by. These rules usually include topics like pets, smoking, guests, and noise levels. When renting through an independent landlord be persistent about asking for their code of conduct, and include it in your contract so there is a clear understanding of expectations.

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