If you choose to study in Spain one thing is for sure, you will have an amazing time! Spain is home to some of the best business schools and study abroad programs in the world, with an extensive network of universities. Spain is also the preferred destination in Europe for international exchange students and Madrid attracts the majority of that traffic. Additionally, the fact that Spanish is the second most widely spoken language in the world, only increases Spain’s significance in the world of education.

Each year Citylife Madrid helps thousands of young internationals to prepare for their study abroad experience. Not only do we help students prepare for the trip itself, but we also believe in helping students enjoy their time in Madrid & Spain to the fullest once they’re here! Feel free to use our comprehensive collection of resources below to learn about Madrid and how it can become your future destination to study in Spain.

On this page we are going to outline everything you need to know if you are considering studying in Madrid. From key facts about Madrid being one of Europe’s most popular destination for international students to important topics to be aware of like cost of living, available scholarships for international students as well as many hints & tips.

To get a head start, make sure to check out our free step by step guideline called “Moving to Madrid Made Easy“. Below you will also find a list of recommended universities and business schools in Madrid, rankings, Master & MBA programs as well as recommendations on how and where to best learn Spanish in Madrid.

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Also check out our “Working in Spain” section to find jobs & internships in Madrid and all over Spain!

Studying in Madrid

Read everything there is regarding the beautiful city Madrid, it’s amazing student life, cost of living and available scholarships for internationals students. We also included our free “Moving to Madrid Made Easy” guides to help you prepare for your trip to Madrid and to settle in smoothly into your new life here.

Learn even more about moving to Madrid by attending one of our daily “Moving to Madrid” webinars! These sessions are led by members of our experienced team and aim to help you prepare for your time in Spain’s amazing capital!

Discover your Options

Read and learn about Madrid’s best universities, business schools & study abroad programs, official rankings, Master and MBA studies that you can choose and much more. We also included an extensive guide about how and where to study Spanish if you are looking for ways to learn and improve your Spanish language skills in Madrid.

Mundo Posgrado is an amazing online portal that offers information and consultations about Masters, MBA and Postgraduate programs around the world. You’ll find university rankings, comparisons and university portfolios!

Moving to Madrid

Our free step by step guides will help you organize the most important topics before traveling to Spain as well as help you settle into your new Spanish life without hassle. This way you will start your Spain experience the right way. Settle in smoothly with our help!

Let us help you move to Madrid smoothly! Take advantage of our personal, customized Relocation Service Support Package so you avoid all the stressors & pitfalls that come along with moving abroad.

Live & Enjoy

Spain is a vibrant country that boasts tons of fun things to do both day and night and Citylife Madrid wants to give you access to all of them! Click on the different topics below to read more and get the most out of your time in Madrid & Spain!

Connect to our amazing online community network! Through our popular Facebook forums and WhatsApp chats you can interact with others who are moving to Madrid as well as have direct contact with our informative team who are here to help you move to Madrid and to enjoy it to the fullest. Join now and start connecting!

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  • Saifuldin Tamer Badawy
    26/06/2022 18:20

    Good evening,
    I am Saif, a student of UC3M.
    I will have completed my third year in Spain next month and would like to have a ‘permiso de trabajo’, I’d like to have a lawyer’s guidance and help through this whole process.
    Please let me know.
    Kindest Regards.


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