About Schiller University

Schiller International University invites you to learn everything their institution has to offer. For over 50 years, they have firmly believed in experiential learning, an educational model that combines knowledge and skills acquisitions with solid humanist values. A combined learning process that guaranteed to all their students not only proficient professional capacities but also an international mindset to build inclusive and realistic scenarios that unify people, nations and cultures.

At SIU they are aware that our students will be part of a global, borderless and hyper-connected world. Thus, their 4 International Campuses provide undergraduate and graduate students with a high-quality variety of degrees valid both in the USA and Europe. All their programs are instructed in English and designed to be customized to each personal scenario. Additionally, all their students are encouraged to study abroad at any time during their education to complete their professional expertise with truly life experiences that turn them in truly holistic profiles.

Why Study at Schiller University?

American & European Education

The SIU Educational Model combines the best of American and European models guaranteeing not only remarkable professional capabilities but also strong Humanistic values. All Schiller degrees are accredited in the USA and in most cases also in Europe.

Personalized Learning

Modulate your learning speed while discovering specific areas of interest. Designed to focus student attention and efforts, they cap their classes at a reduced number of students and also provide them with academic advisors to accompany them from day one.


Schiller’s digital classrooms allow students to choose face-to-face and/or online classes. Additionally, their hyperconnected system allows you to transfer between campuses without loss of credits.


Obtain your degree while becoming immersed in different cultures thanks to Schiller’s four international campuses. An academic and personal life experience that promotes lifelong curiosity and allows students to develop a non-stop learning capacity.


Experience the SIU Vibe: Schiller’s exciting community of students, faculty and alumni. Build solid, personal, long-lasting relationships, interact in different social and professional activities and become a member of the Schiller family.


An inclusive environment comprised of varied profiles. Feel integrated regardless of your profile and obtain your education in a 100% diverse community.


Schiller’s programs include professional challenges, internships, international immersions and career advisors to support students in reaching their personal career objectives.


Take advantage of the network of an internationally renowned institution with more than 50 years of history. True change leaders all over the world understand the value of being SIU Alumni.

Schiller’s Campus in Madrid

Schiller’s Madrid campus building, a beautiful neoclassical building that was formerly the residence of a member of the Spanish royal family, is situated on Serrano Street – considered one of the most elegant areas of Madrid – on the Plaza de la República Argentina.

The campus is surrounded by restaurants, embassies, international schools and cultural centers. In the neighborhood, you’ll also find everything from boutiques to the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium (home of the Real Madrid soccer team).

“The campus offers a full range of facilities, study and lounge areas, a library with computers and a career services office.”


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