Whether you are looking for a room to rent in Madrid or an entire apartment to share with other international students or local Spanish students – it is important to understand how student accommodation in Madrid works. This knowledge will help to avoid potential issues like scams. This way you ensure that you do not start your Madrid experience on the wrong foot.

We know that it is not easy to start your hunt for the ideal student room in Madrid. To make it easier for you, we have compiled the most important information on student housing in Madrid as well as many useful hints & tips that we strongly recommend you read before reserving a room. In our student accommodation Madrid guideline below we will answer many of your questions like:

  • What different types of student rooms in Madrid are available for rent?
  • Where can I search for student apartments in Madrid and how to avoid potential scam?
  • What is a reasonable price for renting a room in Madrid?
  • What is the best neighbourhood to stay in Madrid?
  • How to find roommates to share an apartment for rent in Madrid? What is the difference between renting a room in Madrid in a student residence or a shared apartment?
  • Which rental agencies, student residences and housing booking platforms are the most trustworthy?
  • What do you need to know about your housing contract before signing it?

Your list of questions is probably even longer, but don’t get nervous and stressed, because we are here to help you answer all of them. Simply keep reading this guide and check out the content overview to click on the topics you are most interested in. Each chapter contains relevant information regarding student housing in Madrid and is intended to help you find the perfect place to stay during your time in Madrid.

Furthermore, in our FAQ section at the bottom of this ’Student Housing Madrid’ guide, we will clarify some of the most common questions and doubts regarding how and where to rent a room or an apartment in Madrid.

1. Student Rooms & Student Apartments in Madrid – Getting Started

Madrid is a vibrant city with an array of fun things to do, both day and night. It’s filled with lots of great neighbourhoods, mouth-watering cuisine and a great nightlife scene. Madrid’s amazing public transport system makes getting around easy and convenient and the Spanish healthcare system is one of the best in Europe. This city is perfect for those relocating to study abroad, find an internship or start a new job.

Moving to Madrid is definitely a great choice. During that move, one of the most important decisions you will have to make is deciding where and how you want to live. When it comes to finding the perfect apartment for rent in Madrid, most young internationals choose to rent a room in a shared apartment or to rent an apartment in Madrid together with others. Another popular option to look for student housing in Madrid is renting a room in one of the many student residences in Madrid. This option however is a lot more expensive than renting a single room in a shared apartment.

The cost to rent a room in a shared apartment in Madrid ranges currently from 300€ to 700€ per month depending mostly on the area you would like to live in as well as the style of the flat itself. The average rate for renting a room runs around 475€/month. Be sure to always check if utilities (known here as “gastos“) are included in the monthly rent, or if they require additional payment. Both types of rental contracts are very common in Madrid.

To help you determine your available budget for your time in Madrid, check out our cost of living Madrid guide. It will help you understand general prices in Spain for rent, public transport Madrid, cell phone & internet, health insurance, food & leisure and more.

Throughout this guide we will provide you with detailed information and recommendations for student housing options, how to find your room to rent and what to be aware of when it comes to signing your contract.

Firstly, we do recommend you start your search online before traveling to Madrid. The reason being that student accommodation in Madrid is in high demand basically any time of the year. However this is especially true from August to February as many international students or young professionals relocating to Madrid rent their room online before arriving to the city. Resulting in most of the best offers being reserved and taken very early.

When searching online, it is recommendable to rent a room through a trusted rental agency or a secure housing in Madrid search platform – although they typically charge a commission rate of up to one month of rent. Skip ahead for a list of popular rental agencies as well as secure housing search platforms offering student rooms and student apartments for rent in Madrid.

That being said, let’s get started by having a look at all the most recommended neighbourhoods where young internationals typically rent a room or apartment for their time in Madrid.

Important: The Citylife team has collected & compiled the information on this page via intense research and investigation. It does not replace your own research!

Are you looking to rent an apartment in Madrid for a short-term period? The most popular option with a great selection of apartments for rent in Madrid centre is

The decision of where to live in Madrid depends mainly on your preferences and your available budget. Most young internationals prefer to live in one of the centric neighbourhoods described below as they are very safe and well connected to the public transport system. Neighbourhoods like Malasaña, Chueca, Huertas, Sol, Opera, Gran Vía and La Latina, to just name a few, offer great lifestyle options from leisure and entertainment venues, such as shops, cafes, bars, restaurants and discos to a great variety of theaters, art galleries, museums, parks, markets and libraries.

Puerta del Sol – The Heart of Madrid

Puerta del Sol, or The Sun Gate is the literal center of Madrid and home to Madrid’s most popular meeting-point – the “Bear Statue” or as it is called in Spanish, “El Oso y el Madroño”. Sol also marks Kilometer Zero, meaning that all of Madrid’s building numbers and highways stem from here. It’s literally the middle-point of the entire Iberian Peninsula. Sol is also very central when it comes to transportation, shopping and tourist attractions. All of Madrid’s most popular shops are located within walking distance of Sol, and there are plenty of restaurants, both new and old, to dine at. Plaza Mayor is only a 5 minute walk from Sol and Calle Mayor will conveniently bring you to the Prado Museum or Royal Palace.

If you have the chance to rent a student room or student apartment in the area around Sol, we definitely recommend to go ahead although prices to rent a room will be higher due its incredible centric location.

Malasaña – Madrid’s Bohemian Paradise

Malasaña is known as the hippest part of town. It’s home to tiny boutiques, bustling cafes, trendy restaurants, stylish plazas and cobbled streets. Making it a fun and very popular area for students, young expats and artists to live in. Its main shopping street – Calle Fuencarral – runs parallel to Calle Hortaleza, connecting Malasaña and Chueca together physically and culturally.

The neighbourhood is also home to a rich history. Its main plaza, Plaza de Dos de Mayo, was home to the battle in 1802 when the Madrileños rose against Napoleon. Malasaña was also home to Madrid’s ground-breaking experimental movement known as “La Movida Madrileña”, which came alive after the fall of Franco’s dictatorship in the late 1970’s. The highly drug-ridden and sexually-open movement took place in the 80’s and went well into the 90’s, leaving a heavy imprint on Malasaña and Chueca as well. Remnants of graffiti can be seen as you walk through its tiny streets. Many young people come to Malasaña to enjoy the environment. This makes Malasaña a good idea for international living!

If you are lucky you can find moderately priced apartments for rent in this popular area.

Chueca – Madrid’s LGBTQ+ Headquarters

Chueca is a only stones throw away from Gran Vía and one of the best places to live and go out in Madrid. Its main street is Calle Hortaleza, a street that connects more modern with Madrid with the city center. Chueca is undoubtedly one of the trendiest nightlife destinations in the city. During the day, Chueca is home to fabulous restaurants, outdoor terraces and boutiques, as well as an entire street of shoe stores on Calle Agusto Figueroa. Also along this street is the Mercado de San Antón, a 3-story gourmet food market offering all types of delicious food and a fantastic rooftop bar.

But most importantly, Chueca is Madrid’s most predominate LGBTQ+ neighbourhood. Many of its residents belong to the community and as a result the barrio offers a certain flair that you won’t find anywhere else in the city. Chueca is the proud host of one of the world’s largest Gay Pride Festival that attracts thousands of visitors every year during Pride season. Due to its mix of edgy and high-end nightclubs, restaurants, bars, stores and ambiance, Chueca is easy to fall in love with.

To rent a room in this great and safe area is definitely a great idea if you would like to enjoy Madrid to the fullest.

Huertas & Barrio de Las Letras – Home of the Artsy and the Chic

Huertas is colloquially named after its main street – Calle Huertas – but officially, its name is Barrio de las Letras. Its name stems from its history as the home of many famous artists, writers and creatives over the centuries – such as Cervantes, Quevedo, Lope de Vega and Hemingway. It’s considered as part of Madrid’s medieval quarter and this just adds to the soul of the whole area. You’ll find many art, interior design and antique fairs throughout the year – especially in the spring when the weather is at its best.

Aside from its history, Huertas is considered to be one of the most popular places to go out in the center. It’s only five minutes walking from Sol, and the perfect place to start your night. Huertas is covered with all types of bars, some more upscale than others, and a lot of great restaurants. There are many other little streets to discover, such as Calle Leon which has fun bars, old-school delicatessens, boutiques and more. Huertas street leads to the famous “Paseo del Prado”, which is full of museums, thus deepening the areas connection to art and culture.

If you are thinking to rent a student apartment or a student room in Huertas, make sure to rent a room ideally in a quiet side street and not on the main streets of the neighbourhood to avoid lots of noise at night.

La Latina – The Home of Cañas, Good Food and Lively Streets

La Latina feels like a pueblo within the city of Madrid. This neighbourhood is very unique and it’s close community feel really sets itself apart from the rest of the city. The streets are always pulsing with people and there is always something going on. La Latina boasts the city’s oldest architecture (hence the name, the Latin Quarter) and some of its finest cuisine. Especially beautiful are the small alleyways nestled between 18th century buildings, as well as the tiny streets where restaurants set up summer patios. On Sundays La Latina’s most famous street, La Cava Baja, turns into Madrid’s “place to be.” This charming street is lined with tiny bars serving up cañas (draft beer), wines and tapas. It’s typical to go here on a Sunday afternoon after visiting the city’s largest flea market, “El Rastro”.

Housing in this area is pricey but it is a great neighbourhood for internationals as commuting is easy and its a well known area where local and internationals mingle. Rent your room in La Latina and get to experience the true Madrid.

Lavapiés – Madrid’s Cultural Melting Pot

Lavapiés with its underground and rugged feel, is fast becoming one of Madrid’s trendiest neighbourhoods. It was home to an influx of immigrants for many years, mainly from Africa and Middle Eastern countries. Once considered the dodgier side of town, Lavapiés is now being embraced for its edgy culture, diverse cuisine and alternative (oft-artsy) nightlife. Just one stop from Sol, Lavapiés is the perfect place to check out Madrid’s changing personality. Lavapiés is often called Curry Row because it is lined with fun and cheap and delicious Indian restaurants. The other famous street in Lavapiés, C/ Argumosa, is lined with hipster bars and tantalizing outdoor seating areas. It stretches right to Atocha street behind the “Reina Sofia Museum”.

Due to its development over the last years, Lavapiés has become a safe place to rent an apartment in the very centre of the city at a lower price than surrounding neighbourhoods, so it might be a great choice to look for available student housing in the area.

Moncloa & Argüelles – Madrid’s University Zone

Moncloa & Argüelles are also fantastic neighbourhoods to live in, especially for young people. Madrid’s biggest public university, La Complutense, is located in the area as well as many others like Saint Louis University, San Pablo CEU, Cunef, Suffolk University. The area is packed with bars, shops, restaurants and clubs. Its main street, Calle Princesa, is full of shops such as Zara and El Corte Inglés. In fact, Calle Princesa turns into Gran Vía right after Plaza de España. It’s also a relatively quick walk from Sol (anywhere from 15 to 25 minutes depending on where you start), and it is right next to the two most lively neighbourhoods, Malasaña and Chueca. Commuting to the city centre with public transport or bike is quick and easy.

All this makes Moncloa & Argüelles a great choice for international students to look for an apartment or room for rent in Madrid. The average rent for a room will most likely be cheaper there too.

Retiro – Madrid’s Central Park

Retiro is Madrid’s most popular city park and also refers to the residential neighbourhood that borders the park’s eastern side. It’s a great neighbourhood to live in if you enjoy “tranquility“, as you can leave the city’s hustle and bustle on the other side of the park. Inside Retiro Park you can enjoy plenty of beautiful attractions including the glass palace, rose gardens and green lawns. Many free activities are held regularly, from soccer games and running clubs, to roller-skating and yoga lessons.

Renting a student room in Retiro will be cheaper than in the more centric areas but you are still in walking distance to all social life activities.

Salamanca – Home to the Exclusive and Sophisticated

Salamanca is Madrid’s most upscale neighbourhood. Let’s call it Madrid’s “Upper East Side”. Located just above Retiro Park and to the East of the Castellana, this neighbourhood’s two main streets are Calle Serrano and Calle Velázquez (as are the metro stops with the same name). It is much quieter than the other neighbourhoods mentioned on this list and filled with large, upscale family style apartments. As with most upscale neighbourhoods you will find there all the high-end stores, top-notch restaurants and prime real estate. However, chic nightclubs and lounges aside, you will also find hidden gems. Salamanca is a neighbourhood where many people live and they have mom and pop shops and friendly bars.

Renting an apartment in barrio Salamanca comes at a higher price in comparison with other areas. IE business school is located in the area, so it might be a great area to live in if you are looking for proximity to IE.

Chamberí – Madrid’s Modern Half

Chamberí is located just to the East of Moncloa and stretches to the Castellana street, at which it becomes barrio Salamanca. You could call it Moncloa’s older brother, as it is a much prettier neighbourhood and caters to a slightly older, mainly local crowd. Chamberí boasts beautiful architecture; some of its buildings are absolutely gorgeous, such as the “Museo Sorolla”, Instituto Internacional and the British Council. It also has quaint plazas such as the Plaza de Chamberí and Plaza de Olavide; the latter being a popular place for tapas and beer on one of their various terraces. Chamberí is also a business district with many offices and plenty of restaurants and bars throughout the area. One of the best streets for wining and dining is Calle Ponzano, where you can find great restaurants and bars.

In our experience, Chamberí is a great choice to look for student accommodation at a fair price while still living centric.

1.2 Free Tools to Find the Perfect Student Accommodation in Madrid

We know that it can be confusing to understand which rental agency & housing search platform is reliable and trustworthy as it seems that there are so many options to hunt for your new home. To make it easier for you, we created a set of free support tools which aim to help you in finding the perfect new home in Madrid that matches your needs and expectations!

Student Housing Madrid: Fill out our Free “Housing Request Form“

The Housing Request Form is a free service that gives you access to some of the most reliable & secure housing providers in Madrid. Once you have submitted the form, you will receive housing offers via email that match your specific search criteria!

Student Housing Madrid: Join our Flat Search Forums on FB and WhatsApp

Our Roommate & Flat Search forum is the perfect way to get in touch with fellow internationals as well as to check current flat & room offerings of internationals who are about to leave Madrid looking for others to take over their rooms.

Student Housing Madrid: Download our Free “Student Housing Madrid“ eBook

Our free “Student Housing Madrid” eBook contains everything there is to know in one single document about student accommodation in Madrid. It will be your must have companion to find the perfect place to live during your time in this beautiful city.

Take advantage of our personal, customized Relocation Service Package! It will help you avoid all the stressors that come with moving abroad. Get a free quote now!

Keep reading for an extensive overview of recommended & trusted rental agencies in Madrid, student residences and popular secure housing search platforms that we recommend you to check out in order to rent a room or apartment in Madrid.

2. Types of Student Accommodation in Madrid – How to Search & Reserve

Madrid is a big city with a wide range of available housing options for young internationals. However finding the perfect apartment for rent can be difficult as the market is very competitive. As briefly mentioned before, the most common option is renting a room in a shared apartment with other young internationals or Spanish locals.

Besides that, you can also choose to live in one of the many student residences in Madrid, with a Spanish family (known as “homestay“), or try find a studio apartment (1 bedroom apartment) for yourself. Some important topics to bear in mind when searching through these housing types include:

A. Interior vs. Exterior Light

Some apartments in Madrid have direct access to exterior sunlight from the street. While others only have access to interior light (e.g. the window might be directly facing another building). Room prices between the two vary with exterior light being pricier.

B. Furniture & Appliances

When searching for your new home, make sure you understand exactly what is being offered to you. Some places are fully furnished and supplied with all you need, while others are not.

C. Quiet Areas vs. Active Areas

If you need a quiet and relaxed neighbourhood, living in the central, cultural and social hubs of the city might not work for you. If you love life in the streets, the noise and the action of living in the city, then the quiet residential areas in the north will not be the best options for you.

D. Public Transport Connections & Surroundings

Check either online or by exploring your potential neighbourhood to ensure that you have easy access to the metro, buses, supermarkets and anything else that you prefer to have nearby!

Download the following apps to help plan your trips on Madrid’s public transport:
Metro de Madrid, EMT Madrid, Movit

Feel free to also check out our Getting Around Madrid by Public Transport” main guide.

2.1 Student Rooms, Studios, Apartments & Homestay in Madrid

A. Student Rooms for Rent in Madrid

The two most popular options to rent a room in Madrid are: Renting a room in a shared apartment or renting an entire apartment in Madrid together with friends.

Renting a single room is the preferred accommodation for students in Madrid. It is the most affordable and sociable way with an average rent of around 475€ per month depending on the neighbourhood and style of the apartment. Apartments for rent start with 2 bedrooms and can get up to more than 15 bedrooms per apartment. Sharing a flat with others is a great and easy way to make new friends but also might be noisier and you would need to agree on sharing the “house work“.

B. Studio Apartments in Madrid

Studio apartments are single bedrooms for rent in Madrid. If you prefer living alone because you enjoy a more quiet atmosphere and independence, then a studio apartment in Madrid for rent might be an option for you. It will however be much more costly than sharing a flat and you will have less social connections especially at the beginning. Nonetheless, renting a studio apartment in Madrid is a very popular option. Do keep in mind that these 1 bedroom apartments are not so common in Madrid, making the hunt a bit more complicated.

You can find a great selection of studio apartments right here.

C. Renting a Single or Double Bedroom in a Student Residence

A third option is to rent a student room in one of the many student residences in Madrid. You usually have the choice to either rent a single bedroom or share with someone else in a double bedroom. Living in a student residence is more costly than sharing an apartment but it puts you in contact with many other like minded peers. Also many student residences will have a library to study, a gym to work-out and chill-out areas to hang out with your friends.

D. Homestay

Another great option is to live with a Spanish family during your time in Madrid. On the one hand you will get to try typical Spanish foods in an authentic way (host families will often cook for their students), learn about Spanish family culture firsthand and live in safe and secure residency.

On the other hand, living in a homestay will most likely result in less independence. You will need to follow the rules of your host family, which may include curfews or restrictions when it comes to friends visiting. Additionally, many of these families will have apartments located outside the city center.

If you are interested in living with a Spanish family we recommend you get in touch with Your Family in Madrid, one of Madrid’s most known homestay companies.

Now that we have learned about the best neighbourhoods to stay in Madrid as well as the different student housing options that you can choose from, it is time to talk about where to actually search for these options and what to bear in mind before signing any contract.

Participate in our free Moving to Madrid webinar and learn everything about student housing in Madrid by one of our expert team members.

2.2 Citylife Housing – Enjoy the Ultimate Living Experience in the Heart of Madrid!

Are you looking for safe, modern and fully equipped rooms in shared apartments in the heart of the city? Look no further! The Citylife owned shared apartments in Madrid offer you the perfect solution to your housing needs.

A. What’s Included with Citylife Housing?

All of our apartments are located in the vibrant neighborhoods of Malasaña & Sol and thus provide a prime location for those wishing to be in the midst of the city’s action. Our rooms are designed with modern amenities, ensuring that you have everything you need for a comfortable stay. Each room is set up with comfortable furnishings and an inviting atmosphere. All rooms include double bed with storage underneath, television, desk & chair, wardrobe and can be securely locked. Some rooms even have their own private balcony or come with a private bathroom. The common areas are all fully equipped, including the modern kitchens which include all typical appliances like; cutlery, dishwasher, oven, microwave, fridge and washing machine.

We also include weekly cleaning services, Internet 5G, a 24/7 emergency contact and the popular City Card!

Colon 3
Barco 26
Montera 26

But it’s not just about the rooms! Our shared apartments offer a unique opportunity for young internationals to come together and form a community. Taking advantage of all that Citylife Madrid has to offer. With like-minded individuals, you can make new friends and experience Madrid like a local. Whether you want to explore the city’s famous landmarks, immerse yourself in its vibrant culture, or simply relax in your comfortable room, our apartments provide the perfect base.

B. Rental Requirements & Length of Stay

Due to the high demand for rooms in the city, there are some basic requirements in order to be eligible to rent a room with Citylife Housing. If you are interested and would like to enquire about renting a room, please keep the following in mind:

  • Minimum duration of contract of our rooms is 3 months
  • An agency fee may be applied depending on your overall length of stay
  • Monthly rent prices start at 675€ per month and includes utility bills (water, gas, electricity)

Like what you see? Send us a message!

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to live in one of the most exciting cities in the world and take the first step towards your dream home in Madrid! Contact us now via whatsapp to check availability & prices, to receive more details & pictures, to schedule a video call as well as to ask all your questions.

Below we have outlined several of the rental agencies, student residences and secure booking platforms that we recommend you to check out. We have also outlined some popular free platforms like idealista, fotocasa and roomgo, but please be aware of misconduct and potential scams on these sites as anyone can publish there. The same applies to groups on social media that you might have joined already.

Before we start with our recommendations, lets quickly go over the difference between these three resource types:

Free Search Platforms

Apartments are uploaded to these platforms by anyone – private owners, people searching for a roommate and agencies. In the case of private landlords, negotiations are handled directly between the owner and the one searching.

What to Expect:

  • Completely free to use
  • Landlords often don’t rent to foreigners
  • Language barriers
  • Rather long-term options
  • Offers mostly for complete apartments
  • Higher risk of scams

Rental Agencies & Student Residences

Rental agencies manage many flats. They typically rent individual rooms in large shared flats, but some will also have various studio apartments or entire flats available for you to rent. Student Residences typically rent single or double bedrooms.

What to Expect:

  • More expensive
  • Trustworthy
  • Contract support
  • Flat manager for support
  • Many roommates
  • International atmosphere

Paid Search Platforms

Paid search platforms don’t own their own flats. They advertise locations that they inspect and trust and have approved. That’s why they charge a booking service fee. These apartments might be owned by private landlord or rental agencies.

What to Expect:

  • Will charge a booking fee
  • Potential double fee (platform & agency)
  • Great selection
  • Safe platform to avoid scams
  • Not possible to visit the flat before
  • International atmosphere

Our recommendation in general is to rent your room or apartment with a one of the known rental agencies in Madrid. Rental agencies are private companies that manage many flats around Madrid. They typically rent individual rooms in large shared flats for shot-term periods to young internationals moving to Madrid. However, some will also have apartment studios or entire flats for rent as well.

Renting with a housing agency is our recommended choice especially when you rent your room or apartment before arriving to Madrid. This way everything is official, organized and most importantly, you will have a reliable contact in Madrid in case you have any questions and you will not be victim of any scams. This option will also allow you to book the specific months that you would actually like to rent your room for.

When it comes to rental agencies in Madrid our two top picks are helpHousing and These rental agencies have specialized in renting rooms to international students for many years and are trusted partners of most of Madrid’s universities. They are among the leading service providers when it comes to student housing in Madrid. All three companies are offering great and reliable service throughout your entire stay in Madrid. Click on the logos above for more information.

Besides our three top picks, there are several other rental agencies in Madrid that are known. Feel free to check them out:

In general all rental agencies will charge you usually an agency/service fee of one month of rent. For details please make sure to check each companies terms & conditions.

If you prefer to rent a single or double room in a student residence our top pick since many years is Mi Casa Inn. Mi Casa Inn is one of the biggest student accommodation providers in Madrid. They have many student residence buildings all over the city offering a sophisticated style with modern design to ensure a unique experience abroad.

Other great student residences in Madrid are:

To check out more residences, simply click here.

C. Secure Online Booking Platforms Offering Rooms, Apartments & Studio Apartments for Rent in Madrid

A great way to search is also the biggest, secure online platforms called Spotahome. Spotahome offers a great variety from single rooms for rent, to entire apartments and studio apartments all over Madrid. Spotahome mostly does not own these flats but advertises flats that they inspect or trust. The actual owners are either private landlords or rental agencies in Madrid.


HINT: Spotahome is offering a free service via WhatsApp to help you find the perfect flat, room or studio for your time in Spain. Simply click the button below and provide them with your details.

Other similar platforms that are worth checking out are Lodgerin, Roomless and Inlife. Inlife is a great platform allowing live video calls directly with the landlord of the flat/room your are interested in. This way you can see the flat/room virtually and ask all your questions before taking a decision.

When reserving on these platforms, they will apply a reservation fee upon the booking of your room or apartment. Please note, that there is a potential double fee in case the room that you would like to rent happens to be of an agency. See below for available discount codes to save money on the reservation fee.

You can enjoy a discount on all three platforms: Inlife (20%), Spotahome (20%), Lodgerin (15%) and Roomless (10%) with our exclusive promotion code: CITYLIFEMADRID

Hint: Check out the Homelike. It is an online booking platform for furnished apartments, with 85,000+ apartments in 450+ cities. It is a great option for people on the move who are in need of accommodation from one month onwards with flexible move in and move out dates. With all the utilities including internet costs already included in the rent, the company makes sure everyone can find suitable accommodation in a convenient way!

Another alternative for short-term stays (weeks to months) is the well known platform

D. More Online Platforms Offering Rooms, Apartments & Studio Apartments for rent in Madrid

In general, when using online platforms, please keep in mind that apartments & rooms for rent can be uploaded by anyone – private owners, people searching for a roommate as well as rental agencies. In case of private landlords you will need to directly negotiate with the owner. It can end up being quite complicated to rent a room for short-term rent (less than 1 year) and having to communicate in Spanish as unfortunately not many private landlords speak proper English. Also be aware of scams please!

Idealista is the platform with the most well rounded selection when it comes to rooms, apartments and apartment studios for rent in Madrid. Further platforms that you can check out are: fotocasa, pisocompartido, housfy and roomgo.

Last but not least, also check out the platform of our friends from Erasmus Play. It is a great student housing search engine allowing you to compare all available accommodation in Madrid for students.

3. Student Accommodation in Madrid – Search Now

Start your search for your flat in Madrid right now by using the Citylife Student & Expat Accommodation Madrid search platform! We have collaborated with our closest partners in Madrid and placed all their available offers in one, easy to use search page. Just use the filter system to find rooms and apartments for rent in Madrid that match your needs. Once you find one you will be taken directly to the page where the original offer is made. Our platform is completely free to use!

Aside from our free Student & Expat Accommodation Madrid search platform, also check out our free Housing Request form to receive housing offerings that match your search criteria and join our Madrid student housing forums on Facebook and WhatsApp.

4. Understand your Contract – Important things to be aware of

Understanding your contractual obligations & housing related expenses is really important! Before renting your room or apartment, you need to make sure you understand the details of the contract and the obligations that come along with it. Contracts, especially in a different language, can be complicated and it is crucial to understand e.g. the cancellation period of your contract, the refund conditions of your initial deposit as well as the housing related expenses such as water, gas & electricity.

Before signing your housing contract, it is very important that you make sure that you fully understand and check the points outlined below.

A. Monthly rent

This is the amount you will have to pay on a monthly basis for living in the apartment. Check the deadline for paying it to avoid any penalization. It is common in Spain to pay the rent in the first week of each month via money transfer or in cash.

B. Duration of the contract

It is very important to check the length of your contract and what happens in case you leave the apartment before the contract ends. Usually you will be either obliged to find a substitute in case you leave earlier or pay one month of rent.

C. Deposit & commission

You will most likely be asked to pay an upfront security deposit which usually is equivalent to one or two month’s rent. It will be used to cover any damages that may exist when you leave the apartment at the end of your stay. The deposit should be returned latest within 1 month after moving out. Ask for a “damage checklist” that you can review when moving in (so you don’t get blamed for any pre-existing damages) and when moving out (again, so you don’t get blamed for any damages that might occur after you’ve left) to ensure to get back your deposit. Also, don’t hesitate to take before and after photos of your flat for extra insurance! Also always ask for a receipt and also check on potential commissions in case you rent from a rental agency in Madrid.

It is very important to check if the rental price includes all expenses (“gastos incluidos”) such as gas, electricity (“luz”), water and community costs (“gastos de comunidad”). Most of the times when renting directly from landlords (not agencies), these costs are not included. In average, in a 4-bedroom apartment in Madrid, the expense will be around 40€ per person. Also check if Internet is available in the flat and included in the rent.

E. Code of conduct

When renting a flat through a company, there will be clear and concise rules that they will expect you to abide by while living in their space. These rules usually include topics like pets, smoking, guests or noise levels. When renting through an independent landlord be persistent about asking for their code of conduct, and include it in your contract so there is a clear understanding of expectations. This will avoid them making random rules as they please. If you fail to comply with any of these conditions, you could lose the right to remain in the apartment.

5. FAQs

Leah has been living in and exploring Madrid since 2013 when she moved to the city for a simple summer abroad. She started the Citylife Blog in 2014 with the goal to share everything there is to know about her favourite place on earth!

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  • Alberto Gómez Hau
    27/07/2022 07:16

    Soy Alberto Gómez, soy estudiante de la Universidad Francisco de Vitoria, donde he sido aceptado para estudiar durante de 2 años. Busco una habitación compartida cerca de la universidad, Pozuelo de alarcón. Estaría llegando a Madrid el 24 de agosto de 2022. Agradecería de su apoyo.
    espero tener pronta respuesta.

  • Diletta camici
    29/09/2021 21:13

    Estaba buscando una habitación lo suficientemente grande, una para compartir con hasta 4 personas con al menos dos baños


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