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MadridEasy offers high-quality accommodation and personalized advice to young professionals and both Spanish and international students who choose Madrid to pursue their professional or academic goals.

They have a solution for every person and for every budget! Newly or recently renovated apartments and rooms; equipped with everything you need to move in; well connected to the major study and work centers. You can live in a private studio, in a room within a shared apartment with other students or professionals, or in one of the many co-living space that we have throughout the city of Madrid.

Check out their student rooms and apartments for rent in Madrid via the Citylife Student & Expat Accommodation Madrid search platform.

With MadridEasy you can:

  • Recieve maintenance support
  • Quick and safe online support services
  • A Physical office to visit MadridEasy staff
  • Personalized assistance about neighbourhoods, prices, types of accommodation
  • A clear and transparent contract in different languages
  • Communication channels always open during office hour
  • Support for the registration of residency certificate in Madrid

To read everything there is about how to rent a room in Madrid, check out our Ultimate Guide to Student Housing in Madrid.

The MadridEasy staff will be waiting for you on the day of your arrival to have your check-in and explain everything related to the home appliance of your accommodation. They will provide you with a list of everything in the home so that you can notify us if anything is missing or needs replacement. With MadridEasy, you won’t have to provide financial guarantees beyond the security deposit nor any more paperwork than what you already have.

With Madrid Easy, you will find hundreds of places in newly or recently renovated accommodations, ready for you to start your life project in this wonderful city.

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