What Others Say About Us


Thank you for everything Citylife Madrid! I had a great time during my internship in Madrid and got the chance to explore Spain and meet a lot of interesting people from all around the world! This is an experience I don’t want to miss! I wish you guys all the best and looking forward to meeting you soon again!

Pauline Alix

Citylife Madrid has helped me a lot before and during my stay! They helped me to find a nice flat with great roommates and during my stay I made many friends at their events! Thanks a lot Citylife Madrid!

Anna-Lena Hübbers

Every Monday at Meet & Dance, I meet a lot of new people while learning how to dance salsa and bachata. There is a good vibe in there and I’d say it’s a must-do for any newcomer to Madrid!

Ehab Abdelfattah

gracias citylife

My Madrid experience wouldn’t have been the same without Citylife Madrid. Between the genuinely awesome friends I met and outrageous nights, Citylife Madrid really made my Madrid experience that much more amazing!

Eileen Dalessandro

CityLife is the best! Anything you need, they are there for you.

Daša Vukanac

I love Meet & Dance because I meet so many people from other parts of the world and always learn something new about other cultures. Thank you Citylife Madrid!

Patricia Oliva

I would recommend Citylife events to anyone moving to Madrid! Because of them I met all of my friends and had no problem meeting new people at their events. I also learned a lot about the Spanish culture as well as other cultures around the world through their Intercambios! Thank you Citylife!

Irini Christou

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