The Lavapiés area is one of the most active neighbourhoods of the city. It beautiful has museums, cultural centers, art galleries and theatres. Even though all of these things make the area great, you will learn that Lavapiés is truly known for it’s for tapas!

The most authentic part about Lavapiés is the transformation it has undergone throughout the years. The most traditional Tapas bars have been reinvented by young entrepreneurs that have managed to preserve the essence of the bar, and at the same time bring a fresh new look. Bars such as ‘Bodegas Lo Máximo,’ ‘El Aperitivo,’ or ‘La Antigua Taquería’ are perfect examples.

In order to fully have a fully gastronomic picture of the neighbourhood, you have to venture inside San Fernando Market, a traditional market that has opened its doors to young entrepreneurs who amongst the fish and fruit stands, sell books or craft beer. This is the authentic Lavapiés, a neighborhood that evokes the creative spirit of its young population but with respect with the past.

If there is one thing you take from this article, let it be Argumosa Street. In this spot you´ll find a large quantity of terraces and restaurants that will satisfy your hunger and thirst at very reasonable prices: ‘El Automático’La Playa de Lavapiés,’La Buga del Lobo,’ ‘La Casa de Asturias,’ and ‘El Económico’ are some of the classics. If you are looking for something a little more new, you may find it at ‘Los Chuchis Bar’ or ‘Los Porfiados.’ The best terrace without a doubt is the ‘Gau&Café,’ on the top floor of the Pías School building.


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– Rafa



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