539760_10200731018859920_1152688696_nHi! My name is Leah and I am from Canada, I’ve been living in Madrid for a year or so and I absolutely love it here! I am a passionate reader, an aspiring cook (only at home) an avid movie watcher and an ambitious traveler. Back home I worked as an Early Childhood Educator and thats why I decided to use my studies to travel. I traveled to Madrid to be an Au Pair for the summer of 2013 and I loved the city so much I decided to come back and get my TEFL so I can live and work here.

I am happy to say that I am in charge of this lovely blog, I write the majority of the articles on this page and I am also involved in a lot of the writing on Citylife’s website, pamphlets and some of our social media! In addition to working with Citylife Madrid I teach english around the city, with both children and adults at schools around the city centre. I really enjoy having multiple jobs as it makes things more interesting and lively. Teaching is slowly becoming a passion of mine. I love the relationships I have with my students and the experience of sharing knowledge is so fulfilling!

1459722_10200375358260359_777132337_nI started working with Citylife Madrid during its very early stages. On December 2013 I was back in Canada getting my visa sorted when I began writing a few useful travel articles on my computer. We decided to start the Citylife blog shortly after and it’s been thriving ever since! Citylife Madrid promises to be there for every part of your stay in Madrid and thats why the blog is so important to me. I hope you all enjoy the posts and find them fun and helpful during your preparation for your trip as well as while your here!

As a part of the Citylife community we want to get to know all of our staff so you can feel as comfortable as possible during your stay in Madrid! Check out the About Citylife Madrid page to meet all of the crew and learn a little more about what Citylife is all about!

– Leahxx

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  • thanks you helped me with my childrens home work

  • Hi Leah, Great article – you sound really amazing and I was wondering if you could help. I am coming to Madrid for the summer with my family (4 young kids) – my husnad will be working. I would really appreciate some help and advice about places to visit and where to stay that is somewhat kid friendly. We are also from Canada. If you can give me a way to contact you so I can ask more specific questions I would really appreciate it. -Sharon

  • Hello Leah! Thanks for writing the blog! Super great to read about the experience of others internationals in Madrid! I m looking forward your next post! x x

  • It’s an authentic pleasure that you form part of the team, also in the distance. We want more visits in the office from the best blogger for students in Madrid.

    Thanks Leah for all your work and the passion you put in all your articles. You make Citylife better day after day 🙂

  • Andra Scarlett
    12/06/2015 14:08

    Hey, Leah!

    It’s a joy reading every word of this blog! Thanks for sharing and keep on doing it!


  • Leah!

    I love the blog! I always enjoy reading the new posts.
    Every time is discover new spots to visit.

    Keep on writing!!

  • Hey Leah,
    Thanks for writing such interesting and useful articles- I’ve definitely used them during my stay in Madrid!

  • Hey Leah your blog it’s really precious for us, through your work we can know Spanish’s culture better 🙂

  • Lino Lord of Winterfell
    12/06/2015 11:00

    Hola Leah! Thank you for taking the time to write all those interesting articles, I discovered a lot about Madrid, Spain and it’s traditions.

    You’re doing well. Keep up the great work!

  • Thank you for the nice post! Everytime waiting for a new post!

  • Muchas Gracias por compartir tus articulos, son siempre super interesantes sobretodo para gente nueva 🙂
    thank you 😉

  • Teodora Stefanoff
    12/06/2015 10:52

    Thank you dear, for writing the greatest blog posts ever 🙂 Even for me, after 12 years in Madrid, you manage to bring me things that I still don’t know and want to explore 🙂

  • I love the Blog Leah, thank you so much for your posts! They’re always interesting and full of fun things that I didn’t know about Madrid 🙂

  • Paul Sommer
    12/06/2015 10:37

    Hi Leah! Thanks for writing the best student blog week by week! It’s highly appreciate and very helpful for international students like me:-) See you! Paul

  • Riccardo
    12/06/2015 10:51

    I really like your posts: always waiting for the new one 🙂


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