Are you showing off your stylish mustaches? Movember is a worldwide phenomenon that has everyone (even the ladies) growing a mustache or refusing to shave for the month of November. But, how did it all begin?

In 2003 two friends from Melbourne, Australia simply decided that they missed when the mustache (or Mo as they say) was in style. They were inspired to bring the Mo back and got the idea to make a campaign to raise awareness about men’s health and prostate cancer. With support from their friends they created rules and guidelines for those who wished to participate in the Campaign that was officially named “Movember”.

By the next year the concept of Movember was so popular, it was turned into a formal business. That year the company went international to the UK and Spain – that’s right, Spain was the first of two international Movember campaigns! Now Movember is bigger than ever, with countries from all over the world participating and creating new funded health programmes every year. If you have a glorious mustache, don’t forget to donate.

Movember has made donating a more interactive experience. Register your MoBro or MoSista experience on the official Movember Spain website and document the care and growth of your glorious hair for the whole the 30 days on November – remember you have to start with a clean shave on November 1st. While you care for your luscious locks make sure to raise awareness and money for the cause but using your profile!

Your friendly neighbourhood travel guide,

– Leah xx



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