Cangobox is the easiest way to send your packages! At Citylife and Cangobox, many of us have lived abroad and have traveled to several countries in Europe. We know that it is not always easy to send packages or to sending several suitcases of junk that you’ve accumulated during your time away.

Cangobox was created to help make sending and receiving packages as easy as possible! Much like Citylife, Cangobox was inspired by personal experience as Erasmus students and international workers. From those experiences, Cango has created an easy and reliable solution that allows you to organize a shipment to send to any country in Europe, in just a few steps!

All you have to do is head to and select the destination country. Then tell enter the weight and measurements of what you want to send and the page will give you a price. If it looks right to you, you just have to accept it and continue the process. You can get all of the labels on the spot, or you can have them sent to you by email and the carrier will pass the collection address. Then you simply select a specific date and time for the delivery! That’s it!

Get an additional 5% discount on any shipment by entering the promotion code CITYLIFE before finishing the process!

There is no excuse not to send things anymore! Travel light with CangoBox and let us take care of everything else!



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