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Either you have purchased something from outside the EU or you’re receiving some gifts from your family and friends. If they haven’t sent it “properly” it will most likely end up waiting (and waiting) for you at the customs office in Barajas airport – to avoid this as much as possible check out our Sending and Receiving Packages blog for some hints and tips. When your package arrives in Madrid it will probably just sit there for a while. It’ll get weighed, possibly opened and the value of its contents might be evaluated. You’ll receive a letter in the mail called an “AVISO DE LLEGADA” which will contain the basic information about your package: who sent it, where it’s coming from, so on and so forth. The letter will refer you to www.adtpostales.com but to save some time, just head straight to https://www.adtpostales.com/acceder.asp. This is where you begin your journey to rescue your package by filling out information about the parcel.

Once you get there click “Aportacion de Documentacion” and follow the steps:


Here you will enter your email address and the International Number of the package – which can be found on the letter you received in the mail – scroll down to see a copy of the letter with all important info outlined. Once you have finished this you’ll have to upload a few things onto the Correos server:

  • The “aviso de llegada” form that came with the letter, completed and signed
  • The bill of purchase (if you’re the one who bought it). If it’s sent from a family member or friend check the additional steps below*
  • Copy of your passport/ID card

*If your package is sent from a family member or friend, you will have to write and sign a document indicating that you are, in fact they right person to receive this package. To make it easier on you, we’ve written a sample here. Just replace the examples with the appropriate information:

Mi nombre es “JOHN SMITH” con Pasaporte: “YOUR PASS/ID Nº”, me pongo en contacto con vosotros tras la recepción de una carta de la aduana por la retención de un paquete a mi nombre.


El contenido del paquete “INDICATE WHAT IS IN THE PACKAGE (eg: SHOES,)”:

  • 1 jerseys
  • 2 Shirts (camisas)
  • 2 pair of socks
  • etc

El precio estimado de dichos regalos es de “INDICATE THE VALUE OF THE CONTENT OF THE PACKAGE

Os adjunto toda la documentación requerida.

Quedo a la espera de noticias para poder recoger mi paquete.
Muchas gracias.


If you are having trouble finding the information you need to complete the letter or the form itself, take a look at the photo below. Remember to sign the form and upload it to your computer and to the website with the other 2 documents. Once you have all the 3 documents filled and uploaded, you’re adventure is almost complete!

package form!

Once Correos receives all the information they’ve asked for, you will receive another letter in the mail telling you that your package is ready for pickup at a nearby “Correos” office. In the off-chance that you are lucky, they might even deliver it to your door, but they’ll also charge you for that! Once you get to the office, or the delivery is made you’ll have to pay a tax fee – yes, even if the sender requested to pay for all fees on their end, you will still have to pay a tax. The amount of taxes you have to pay depends on the value of the contents, so try to lowball the value as much a possible. But, remember, the value you indicate and the value the sender has indicated MUST match.

Another option is to go directly to the Correos at Barajas Airport to pick up your package. Please keep in mind that if you decide to go straight to the airport you must present the delivery form and a Spanish NIE. If you do not have a NIE you must go with someone who does. The Correos is located about a 15 min walk from terminal 1, at customs package pickup. When you go to retrieve the article you may need to pay a tax, which can only be paid in cash. The Correos at Barajas is open from Monday through Friday until 3pm.

And there you are! Hopefully you will rescue your parcel in good time and enjoy whatever gifts come your way!


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– Leah & Teddy

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  • Hi, thank you for this article is has been really helpful! I sent a package to Spain and was following the steps to help get it out, but they are saying that a passport is not valid and I need “Copy of the DNI, NIE or TIE of the recipient”. Is this normal and or is there another way to do it using the passport number? Anyone else experience this? Thanks for your help!

  • Geoffrey
    13/04/2022 14:29

    I have sent all the documents but they state I must register my NIE with AEAT how do I do that.
    Post office are very rude and unhelpful waiting since 15th March 2022

  • We MUST find a official social account of Madrid Customs and post all over to expose this terrible, outterly frustrating service with no updates and delays. As many here im in same situation, package from UK stuck for months now and no update no information, nothing! Terrible. Someone know ms some official account? Thanks in advance.

  • Hi – i sent a valentines parcel to Spain. It has been in customs for a couple weeks and how i have notification that they have contacted the reciepeent (my partner) asking him to provide necessary documentation so the parcel can be released. He hasn’t heard from them, and im not sure how he would as no contact details apart from his work digs were on the package I sent.
    How does he go about providing details to customs?
    Many thanks

  • Michelle Miller
    23/02/2022 18:36


    I have an item in customs, which I was sent to the Documento de ADT para el client. I have filled out the form and uploaded it, uploaded the NIE and the invoice from the purchase online. Documento de ADT para el client – Aprobado (passed), Documento de identidad (DNI/NIE) Aprobado (passed), but they have rejected the invoice 2 times. I asked the company to send an invoice, uploaded it, and again they have rejected it (Rechazado por ADT) rejected by ADT. So 3 times rejected. Do you know why?

    • Hi could you show me how to fill in the documentation form correctly I’m having same problem nie is passed but they haven’t passed anything els and they’ve not given any advise on how to fill in the forms eaither

    • I am going through the same problem. were you able to resolve it? Please let me know. thanks

  • Karl Smith
    08/02/2022 22:18

    Hello and thanks for the helpful site. I am in the process of importing a box from NZ. It is with ADT Postales and I hace completed all the paperwork/forms online and today they were approved. I kinda expected that they would send me the bill for the import duties etc., but so far nothing. Does this takes while? What should I expect? Many thanks!

    • Hi Karl! If you did not have to pay online for the package they will most likely ask you to pay before giving it to you when it it delivered.

      • Hi Leah,
        My cousin received a letter to pay the custom fees 2 weeks ago and she hasn’t received the package yet. Still the status on line the package is been held with customs. Do you know how long it takes them to deliver the package once the custom fees are paid?

      • Hi Leah,

        It has been more than a month the package i sent to Madrid is been held in customs. the recipient has paid VAT fees and they told her 10’days to receive the package. Two weeks have past and nothing has been done. The package is still being held with customs.
        Please advise. What should we do?

        • Hi there Kevin,

          Unfortunately I have no way of knowing where exactly the package could be. It might be in customs still waiting to be delivered. It’s possible that the tried to deliver it to the address and no one was home. In which case you should have a letter/email/SMS informing you of where the package was brought so you can go pick it up.

          • Hi Leah,

            It is unbelievable how the ADTppstales is handling this. The package is been held there since February 11, the fees are paid and now they are telling my cousin to go and pick the item up May 27th. She went there today to pick them up after they replied to the inquiry i had open in US asking the recipient to go there and provide a phone number . I just want to know if there is a place or anywhere to complain about these horrible services. I

  • Karl Smith
    08/01/2022 13:47

    My package has had no status updates since 10/23/21 and I have received no further communication. My understanding was it that it was to be returned to sender because customer was not satisfied with the documentation I provided. I do not have an NIE put I provided my husband’s NIF and my UK passport info. The Correos website won’t let me log in and the process for changing may password is not working for me. Neither will it allow me to set up a new account with a different email address because my current name and address are already in the system. The website is not at all user-friendly. This is all very frustrating and should not be so complicated. Can you offer any advice? My package was insured but the sender cannot claim on the insurance until the authorities in Spain declare is lost.

  • Kerry Hughes
    24/11/2021 21:35

    Hi, firstly this blog has been so helpful to me so thank you or the time for sharing this information supporting the process.
    I have revived a letter informing my package is in customs in madrid and I’ve worked out its personal items from my nan who past away last year that my uncle thought I might like. At this point I do not know the value as it was supposed to be a surprise but I am wondering would it not just be safer , cheaper and quicker to not fill in the form on line and allow the package to return to the UK and then one of my friends bring it out for me? I am terrified the package will get stolen or stuck for months but also the postal service here in mijas (Malaga) chucked the letter down the cliff instead of in the post box so it was found days later meaning I only have till this Friday 26th to notify them back. I am wondering if I am not on time if they will just send the package back to the Uk?
    Thank you again for all your information on this blog . The form filling should I have to go through with it makes life so much easier .

    • Francesca
      03/01/2022 03:36

      Hello Kerry – did you received your package back? My package has been in Madrid for almost two months! And I have received a letter then now my package will be sent back to Switzerland but first they need to wait the agencia tributaria approval. I hope that my package will be back to Switzerland without any additional concerns. Thanks for the help.

  • Elliot Wenman
    13/09/2021 15:23

    Thanks so much for the helpful info, we’ve been waiting for a shipment of musical equipment to Spain for weeks and after reading this it’s nice to know we most likely aren’t to blame for the delay. We haven’t received a “AVISO DE LLEGADA” letter. However our package was shipped with FedEx and we have provided them with customs info upon their request. I’m concerned that once it’s cleared customs, we’re still going to have to wait for ADTP or Correos to get their act together – does anyone know whether FedEx uses these services, or do they deliver independently? Thanks for any and all help!

  • Oh cripes!! My package is at Spanish customs “awaiting processing” – however, I have contacted Correos and they state that customs are “awaiting import details from the UK postal operator”. Don’t suppose you know what that means?!

  • Patrick Reid
    21/08/2021 17:59

    Hello all. I sent my twin girls their new passports early July to Spain from the UK. Special delivery with tracking number. One envelope. They arrived at customs in Madrid over a month ago. The envelope is still there and now they are missing school in UK.. Very frustrating!!!!!!.

  • This article should honestly be updated and say in giant bold letters, “DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING SHIPPED TO SPAIN THAT IS COMING FROM OUTSIDE THE EU”. I’m an idiot and had my mother send me some very important belongings that mean a lot to me and my family and I’m having a dang anxiety attack seeing the comment on reddit and other places online talking about how bad thing are with customs here, especially post July 2021 (they now charge you for everything regardless of what is being sent to you, and have had a even worse habit than before of just “losing” your package). I just really hope this goes smoothly and even if I have to shell out the money to get my belongings it will be finished. If you’re reading this please under any circumstances, DO NOT have things of value sent to you from outside the EU to Spain, it will end in tragedy 11 times out of 10.

    • Hi Bleu, thanks for your feedback! People commonly mistake our page for the actual Correos page and I just want to make sure that you know that this is simple a blog with basic instructions for how to complete the claimant form. Our articles, while written with great care, do not represent the official information given by the government or other Spanish entities. We work hard to maintain all our pages however, with our small team we can’t always be as fast about it as we wish we could be.

      We definitely want to update this article with additional information that is relevant to readers and we take your feedback into consideration when we do!

    • Isabel Sanjurjo Senaris
      26/10/2021 07:48

      Totally agree with you!!! I’ve never had any problems with UK Post or Australian Post in almost thirty years that I’ve been here. Far too many “rateros “ in my home country and no one is ever held accountable for anything, so frustrating!! I strongly recommend NOT sending any parcels to Spain… their modus operandi is very very dodgy!!

    • Anthony Cassidy
      31/03/2022 00:02

      My son sent prescription meds 29/December 2021 from Dublin they are still being held at Madrid it’s all the one where your post is sent from they still locked in Madrid crap service

  • Lesley Ryder-Cameron
    05/08/2021 23:03

    Hi my name is Lesley RyderCameron and my parcel has been sitting in Madrid for sometime the international tracking code is LG961770418GB This is the second time this h as happened even though Royal Mail double checked address etc and said everything was correct how do I get it sent on to me here at Camposol Murcia

    • Hi Lesley, unfortunately there is nothing we can do to help you receive your package from the Madrid customs. You will have to wait until the claimant forms comes to you and you may have to pay a fee for it to be released. This can often take weeks and sometimes months.

  • Maricris Jimenez
    04/08/2021 09:40

    Hello, may I ask if its been 2weeks that my package is still at the customs..and there is no aviso letter from correos that I will be going yo recieve..it is from Japan from my friend because she is sending me a gift but according to the post office of Japan my package arrived at the custom last july21..could you help me find what happend?

    • Hi Maricris, unfortunately there is nothing we can do to see what happened to your package. We are a private company that is not connected with the Correos at all. It’s normal for a package from outside the EU to sit in customs for several weeks before being processed. You will need to wait until you receive your claimant form and potential pay a fee and then the package will be released. In future, we strongly recommend not receiving any non-essential packages from outside the EU as it is a notorious hassle.

      • terry Wright
        17/08/2021 14:18

        Yes, I postage a small package from the UK to my grandson, a resident, in Murcia on 12/07/2021. it contained three innocent BIRTHDAY CARDS the custom form was filled out and the value of £10 entered the postage fee of £8.88 paid and the postmistress checked all was correct, we felt that putting these together would be better and cheaper, not so, his birthday was on August 5th, today well over a month later, he has received a form from Correos asking for surcharges of 32.95 euros. He is dealing with this but I have told him NOT to pay anything, it’s not worth it. Ironically, other relatives sent him cards as standard mail and these were received. I am absolutely flabbergasted by this . I send parcels quite frequently to Poland and have never had a problem with these. Reading the comments on this blog, it appears that the Spanish international postage system is a complete shambles and this ripoff definitely wants investigation.

    • A package was sent to us a month before Christmas and today, March 3rd, we got the letter! What is worse the website is impossible to navigate, wouldn’t accept my nie and said the package number didn’t exist even though it was on the letter they sent! Good luck!

  • sukhbir kaur
    20/07/2021 01:52

    Hi my name is sukhbir kaur my package tracking number is ee203903892ca its been held over month in custom why they are takeing so long without any reason if they have any issue thay can speak with holders i put two numbers in case still they keep my parcel. i sepnt too much money to send it this result i got which is totaly unfair.

    • Hi Sukhbir! I’m so sorry that it’s taken so long for you to get your package. Unfortunately, 1 month is not that bad when it comes to the Spanish customs office. It’s about the average. There is nothing we can help you with. Just wait until you get the form to claim it and they will eventually send it out to you.

  • My advice is not to send anything to Spain ever. It is a corrupt country with awful levels of bureaucracy. Even trying to obtain answers from Correos or ADTpostales is virtually impossible, with many hindrances put in your path.

    I sent a parcel with the customs declaration and commercial invoices attached, and marked as a gift, which it was, for a family member. The value of the parcel was under the €45 threshold for duty and tax.

    Correos pestered the recipient for customs information despite the paperwork being on the parcel. They hadn’t even opened the clearly labelled envelope to look at the documents.

    I paid for courier door to door. The parcel had to be collected from the tiny Correos office in the busy town. Lazy no-good wasters.

    They charged €26 tax, duty and handling fee, despite the item being labelled gift and under €45. The parcel had not been opened. They did not even give the recipient the form detailing the charges or a receipt!

    Compared to the UK, Spain is a joke of a country. I lived there for over 10 years but I am not gladly back in the UK away from the nonsense and non-stop attempts to get your money by any means with no recourse possible.

    Who do I complain to about customs fees that shouldn’t have occurred? No one of course, that’s how Spain deals with complaints – don’t allow them in the first place. Franco is only dead in body, his spirit lives on in Spain. I detest the country.

    I now can’t send parcels to my mother in Spain. Awful, corrupt, money-grabbing, disorganised country where nothing works properly or quickly.

  • The Spanish customs are thieving jokers. 2 years and still cant tell me what u did with my parcel. Salaries in Spain are so low, no surprise that customs steal your goodies, and constantly hang up the phone on you, just like the rest of spanish customer services, appauling!!

    • Hi Alex, we completely understand your frustration with the Spanish Customs process! Just please know that Citylife Madrid is not a part of the Correos so we did not do anything with your parcel. We are a private company and we’re only here to help as much as we can.

      • Anthony Cassidy
        31/03/2022 00:23

        On the 29 December 2021 my son sent me prescription medication this was sent from Dublin Ireland a member of the European union there should be no problem about customs duty why is there a 4 month delay

  • david sexton
    28/10/2019 09:25

    Hello, I am awaiting 3 parcels from Morocco to go to Spain, I have letter for one from the correct, which I am trying to deal with. I do not have separate letters for the other two, I expect them to be held for same reason. How can I contact correct to chase my parcels. Thanks

  • J. McLaren
    16/07/2019 15:27

    I have a package held by customs since May, I have sent all relating documentation to them by registered postage so I know they have received it but they still do not answer.
    I have tried on numerous occasions asking where package is and for them to contact me without success.
    When I try to contact them using there messaging page there is always a problem with there software which stops you from sending a message.
    So far sending documentation has been a waste of time, phone a waste of time and email a waste of time.
    Now just had a message saying package shall be destroyed in 3 days and they are still impossible to contact.

    • Elizabeth Finan
      14/10/2019 11:39

      Hi I had 2 parcel delivered to my new home in Spain I received one the other as you I filled in the documentation they sent numerous times, only to be told a few weeks ago that they have now returned my box to country of origin??????? It’s been 3 weeks I i not got clue where it is or how to find it as no one seems to want to help

  • Jeanette Mundy
    21/06/2019 09:54

    I am having huge problems negotiating the website to retrieve a package stuck in Madrid. The English translation is not easy to find, and I have filled in the wretched forms numerous times, but keep getting diverted. Another purchase was sorted out over the telephone, so, I cannot understand the logic behind this one. I am at a complete loss.

    • Philippa S.
      01/04/2021 20:23

      Did you find a way to do this Jeanette? I’m having exactly the same problem trying to retrieve my package from Customs Madrid.

      • Hey there Philippa! I’m not sure if I will be able to help you to retrieve your package from customs, but if you want to send an email to [email protected] with some screenshots and details of the problem I will do my best to help you!

  • Jennifer
    11/06/2019 18:35

    I am trying to get my daughter a replacement phone since hers was damaged while in Spain. It is being held in customs, for 2 days now. She will be leaving very soon. How do I get this process moving faster?
    Thank you.

  • Alagie Tunkara
    08/06/2019 04:43

    I’m sick to dead about my package at Spain custom. Almost 1 and half month still the custom refused take off their hands from my package. Spain custom is the worst custom in EU.

  • María Delia Anderdon
    28/05/2019 17:22

    I sent a package in October, valued 11 dollars. My mother didn’t received it until January and they make her pay 20euros. I sent a letter requesting an explanation and came back to me. Could you give me a Customs address so I can send the letter again ??

  • Just to say, this nonsense happens even if you buy online from a EU website which has a fulfillment centre in an EU country. Eg Amazon.es or Thomann.de. I’ve had to wait weeks so far to receive some electronic music gear worth 170€ because the customs process is so bad. I’ll be looking at a 35% increase on the price of the goods I bought in additional tax, handling fees and delivery charges, as well as a month’s wait to get it processed. This is pretty normal for any package which catches the eye of a Customs Officer in Madrid.

    It makes buying online a joke. They are probably doing it on purpose, to deter people from purchasing goods from other countries; they want you to spend your money locally instead. Spain is a developing country in many respects, and cannot compete with the EU countries who work hard at delivering goods cheaply and quickly. Unfortunately Spain’s attitude toward business is still very much ‘Mañana, mañana. Let’s all have a siesta’ – it literally hasn’t changed at all in the last 30 years. Geographically beautiful, and some lovely individual people, but why they collectively make it so needlessly difficult to get anything done is beyond me. It’s a very frustrating culture/attitude if you are used to living in UK, Germany or the Nordic countries.

    Also to say, my family stopped sending presents to their grandchildren because the parcels would get lost or destroyed so often, or accumulate surcharges which were more than the contents of the package. Now they wire us the money, and we buy some gifts locally.

  • Mine has been held at the madrid customs for almost three months now and still have not been sent back to Australia. We did all the paperworks for it, but they refuse to give it to me.
    I’m worried that it was been lost, taken, or they just refuse to send it back or give it back.

    please help

  • I am trying to register at https://www.adtpostales.com/acceder.asp, and each time I put in my NIF it says it is incorrect even though I am typing it exactly as it is written on my NIF card. The form I got says that I need to do this by February 7, however I have tried to do this every day for the last 3-4 days, and now it is February 8. What can I do if this is not working?

  • I sent anpackage to spain and until now customs held the package its almost one month they dont send any letters to the adress. What can i do to get the package

  • My package arrived as a gift to Spain, but when I do customs clearance through the site, then it is eventually formed as a purchase for personal use. Is this normal? The parcel is shipped with a declared value of 40 euros. I indicated this price on the website when filling in the questionnaires.

  • Hello, I have a package that I have not heard anything about for more than a week. I was wondering what I should do after I have sent the payment for tax over to barajas and have not heard anything. (I sent the payment on the 19th and it was confirmed it is now the 29th)

  • Kimberly Mae Jazul
    13/11/2018 14:02

    Hi I have the same problem, I won an sugar hair vitamins in Instagram for 6 months and the product cost 159.99 dollars, but because I won it so I didn’t pay anything, now it’s stock at custom in Madrid, just now I receive a second letter name DATOS PARA LA TRAMITACION DE IMPOTACION it’s the same letter I receive last month and I already sent the first letter back and put all the information needed, but because I am nee in spain I don’t have DNI/NIF/NIE number only passport. it’s confusinng because the adtpostales.com is only in spanish i don’t know how to sign online

    05/11/2018 13:36

    I purchased an item on Ebay over a month ago and Spains stupid Customs dept is holding it hostage. I live in the United States. Why would Customs hold my package hostage when its leaving Spain. Hey dumb asses, your supossed to stop packages coming in to Spain. I have my own Customs dept that will handle it over here. Qhere do you get off holding my package for 2 months! Criminals!

  • I have had a package stopped from USA, value of $19. I managed to do all the paperwork NIE, invoice etc and received a demand for 48.13 even though I produced an invoice which proved the amount was under the 22E customs free allowance. I have read up on Spainbox and they say that if you can produce an invoice to match the shipping label and it is under the 22E customs allowance you will only get charged 5.34E. How is it legal to charge me 48.13E.
    Has anyone had similar experience. Has anyone managed to talk to customs and get an explanation.

  • jacqueline
    26/10/2018 01:12

    Adt Postales IS THE WORST! I’ve never seen so many complaints for a postal service. I sent a package at the end of June and it’s still being held. At this point (4 months later) i just want to get it returned to the original address (in California) and even for that they are requesting new forms that I have no idea what they are. My friend who lives in Barcelona and was suppose to received the package said she’s not paying the taxes (they cost more than the jacket I bought and was sending to exchange the size only) and request ADT to send the package back but they said that unfortunately they can’t do that. Shoud I considered my package lost at this time? Is there any email to write to them? Or any other suggestion on how to get the pachage returned to sender?

  • Natalya Clark
    12/10/2018 13:45

    ADT postales held my package asking me to list the contents. Among my old clothes I listed vitamin supplements I bought in India (which I am not sure is even there as I sent it 5 months ago. I have listed 40 euros as total value of the parcel. However, this company changed the price for the vitamins to be 15 euros and now asking me to pay 48 euros for it. Why do I have to pay this tax?
    It says on the rules
    “Private gifts with values of over €45 are also subject to VAT payment and only in the case of used personal effects, following verification by Customs in line with the established procedure, may they be exempt. ”

    The stated value of my parcel is 40 euros, it is personal effects. Why do I get charged?

  • Christine Galloway
    17/09/2018 13:37




    1:Recibi aviso de CorreosExpress-ADT la retención con numero de envio de importación CH044290638US 2: En su pagina la web, mi numero de pasaporte no se accepta como DNI en el formulario. 3: por telefono, me advierten que el numero del envío no existe. 4: Al mandar carta con el formulario y mis datos, no he recibido contestación ni acuso de recibo. 5:el paquete no ha sido recibido de vuelta a USA. Nota: el paquete contiene 4 platos de vajilla, nada fuera de lo normal. Hoy me entero que es una empresa privada que parece dejar mucho que desear en su manera de proceder. Le agradeciria informarme de cualquier detalle sobre el tema. Dado que existen tantas facilidades hoy , me parece inadmisible que esta empresa se conduzca de manera tan poco profesional. Ahora solo doy por perdido el paquete?

    Los datos personales incluidos en el formulario y derivados del estudio de la queja y/o reclamación serán tratados por “Sociedad Estatal Correos y Telégrafos, S.A., S.M.E” (en adelante, “Correos”), con CIF A-83052407 y domicilio social en Vía Dublín nº 7 (Campo de las Naciones) 28070 Madrid (España) con la finalidad de poder gestionar y tramitar su queja y/o reclamación. Adicionalmente, Correos utilizará esta información, de forma agregada o individual, para conocer los motivos de queja de sus clientes y poder mejorar la prestación de sus servicios, por entender que existe un interés legítimo que ampara esta actividad.
    No está prevista la comunicación de sus datos a terceros, salvo obligación legal o salvo que su queja o reclamación se realice sobre los productos y servicios de otras empresas del Grupo en cuyo caso se comunicará a esta empresa para su gestión.
    Puede ejercitar sus derechos de acceso, rectificación, supresión, oposición, limitación o portabilidad solicitándolo a la dirección postal remitente o al e-mail [email protected]. Debe acompañar copia de su DNI.
    Por último, le informamos que puede interponer una reclamación ante la AEPD. También puede contactar con el Delegado de Protección de Datos (DPD o DPO) de Correos a través de la siguiente dirección de correo electrónico: [email protected]

    Hemos recibido su reclamación y esperamos encontrarle una solución lo antes posible
    Gracias por su atencion
    Of course, i have heard nothing since!

  • Hello!
    Thanks for publishing this page, it is very useful!
    I recently purchased some boots from a company based in Spain but unfortunately it does not fit, so I returned it via US Postal Service. Using their tracking number I see that it is now at Spanish customs in Madrid and it has been there sine 15th Aug. Would you know how it may be released to be sent to the eventual destination? Is there anything I can do to expedite from the US? Thanks for any advice you can provide.

  • These are the steps I have taken so far to redeem a pkg. from Aduanas in Barajas:
    1: web: Will not accept my passport # as id
    2: Phone: am told there is no pkg with the number of the international code.
    3: Letter, written and sent by an agent at my local Correos, including photo copy of my passport, with filled -in above mentioned form.
    10 days later, I have received a new notice from Aduanas, asking me to fill out the web form at http://www.adtpostales or the pkg. will be returned to sender.
    I do speak Spanish perfectly., yet this run-around is most irritating. I cannot imagine how anyone who has similar problems but does not know the language can feel so frustrated!

    I do notice blogger DMM-05371 has the same problem, but there is not an answer to his plea!

  • Blessing
    02/07/2018 10:46

    hi i went to Madrid last week for 5 days and on the Monday day i realized i forgot my credit card and driving licence in which was needed for Thursday to rent a car. I checked online which said it would take two days. so i got my mum to post it to me. on the tracking website it says its been in Madrid since Wednesday but i think its stuck in Barajas. is there anything i can do? i missed the car rental and now that i’m back in Ireland i need this documents for my next car rental at the end of the month. please help.

  • jose rodriguez
    10/06/2018 00:04

    Having had no problem whatsoever in years past sending a package to relatives in Spain, this time around, a package sent to same relatives in Spain last March of 2018, said package is being ‘still held’ by the Aduana Madrid (Madrid’s Customs) even though, the specificity of its contents was on the USPO’s customs form including $ value and if a ‘gift’ declaration. Madrid is requesting sender’s passport number, recipient DNI (passaport equivalent for Spaniards and the same ???s already specified in the USPO’s customs declaration form. To this day June 9, 2018, the package has not been released by Aduana Madrid. U-N-B-E-L-I-V-A-B-L-E!

  • Tim Morris
    02/06/2018 23:29

    I tried your link to https://www.adtpostales.com/acceder and it came up as an error! Any thoughts?

    Thanks, tim

    • Hi Tim, please keep in mind that Citylife Madrid has no connection to the Correos postal service. This is simply a helpful article for people having trouble with their packages. If you’re having issues with the Correos customer service you’ll have to chat with them

  • Hello!
    I got a package in February (it’s now April). I filled out all the paperwork and even paid for it to be released, but now online it says they are inspecting it and will email me when the next step is done. That was over a month ago. I don’t know what to do to get it! Any advise would be great.

  • jirnnnnnn
    15/03/2018 22:24

    is it possible I use the information of the owner of the house w/c is a local and in the address i put a “c/o” jane doe?

  • jirnnnnnn
    15/03/2018 22:20

    I don’t have any NIF/DNI and it’s hard that they don’t have options for this matter. This is stupid

  • Do you know how to pay the fee that Correos sends you? I have been sent the amount (ridiculous), but am unclear how to actually pay it (do I go directly to the airport? Do I go to a bank? ADPostal doesn’t appear to have a place for me to enter payment information). There are no clear instructions on the paper – it just says to transfer or deposit into the Postal Office Account.

    Thank you!

  • Hello, I sent a package from USA to my brother who is living in Spain. I valued the package for $500 so I can get insurance. Now, it has been held a week in Customs, Madrid. My brother lives in the south, Alicante. In the website adtpostales.com, I managed to find some information regarding my package. It is a letter-datos para la tramitacion de importacion. I filled it out and even handwrite a letter, stating who is the recipient and what is in the package. Could you please advice me where to send my letters and what else to do? I am readlly concerned with everything I just read here.

  • Charlene
    17/02/2018 05:53

    Hello, so how can I get some sort of proof or documentation why my package is being held in customs? I sent a return package via USPS to a seller in Spain. Been held in customs since 12/7/17. I would like to know reason; whether the recipient needs to come and get it, or there is customs tax on it. Can I receive this information as the sender? How?

    • Hey Charlene! I’m afraid you’ll have to contact the Correos office in Spain with you questions. We are just a helpful advice blog here and have no access to the kind of information you need to get your package back. Sorry!

  • Hi there ,My package is stuck in Madrid and they asked me to send the invoice but unfortunately the sender lost it, so what should I do?

  • hell everyone,i posted a letter package that contains my passport that i pit in a book before puting it in the envelope on 16th january 2018 and its 24th and still the recipient hasnt recieved it could the be something wrong?it was a registered package though with a tracking number what do you suggest please advise.thank you

  • Nikolina
    05/01/2018 20:21

    I just realized my package is stuck in Madrid, but I didnt get any mail or something, I found out it by tracking number. How can save my package? I can’t open any app or anything, it always says error.

  • Maryah Noce
    08/12/2017 14:33

    I mailed package from us to san jaun and has been in customs since dec 3 . Is this normal to take a week or more to go thru. Recipent has no notification from customs

  • The article does not mention anything about needing a NIF number if you do not have a Spanish DNI nor a NIE. NIF (Número de Identidad Fiscal). You have to request a NIF at Calle Montalbán 6 ini Madrid and fill out Form 030

    “Si es persona física que carezca de nacionalidad española, no obligada a disponer de NIE o estando obligada se le asigne un NIF con carácter provisional (NIF M).
    Fotocopia del Pasaporte del solicitante o de otro documento de su país de origen que acredite su identidad, edad y nacionalidad. (Si es el propio interesado el que comparece ante la Administración Tributaria se le podrá requerir la exhibición del original de su pasaporte o documento que acredite su identidad).
    Si el extranjero no está obligado a disponer del NIE, debe aportar documento acreditativo de no estar obligado a disponer del NIE
    Si el extranjero está obligado a disponer del NIE, debe aportar el documento acreditativo de haberlo solicitado al Ministerio del Interior, así como justificación documental de la operación de naturaleza o con trascendencia tributaria para la que necesita el NIF M.
    In addition, in all cases, when the application is presented through a representative, either by legal obligation or voluntarily, it must enclose a photocopy of the ID card of the said representative (if the representative appears when the application is submitted it will not be necessary to submit the photocopy of the ID card, it is sufficient to produce the certifying document thereof) and the document certifying the representation.”

  • Im trying to get my package out of customs, When I try to enroll through the ADT website it ask for my DNI number, I am here in Palma from the states. How do I create and account, Do they have a customer service number?

    can anyone help, Thanks

  • Amy Burtin
    23/10/2017 20:11

    We have not received a letter or anything from customs and the package has been held for two weeks. What can we do?

    • Did you figure it out? I am currently waiting for a package as well.

      • Hi my package is stuck as well. Any updates on your package? Don’t know what to do.

  • Hello, I’m studying in Spain and my family is trying to send me a package. I have not received the “Adviso de Llegada” in the mail and my package has been in Madrid for just over one month. In addition, I do not have a DNI number. Is there a way to contact Madrid customs to get this form? What can I do to get my package without a DNI number? Any advice would be appreciated!

  • 25 days since package arrived att madrid, sent all hade to fake dni NO other way passning That.

    Ordern for 15 euro hade to pay total 50 euro fees.

    How is this even legal.

  • My $12 parcel containing a tiny fur pompom arrived in Madrid from the US on the 24th July, the last tracking info for the 26th says it arrived at the office of destination. My local office says it’s in Madrid. I assume I don’t pay duty and taxes on something for $12? I am confused why it’s still there. Today is 7th August.

  • I sold a valuable item to my friend in Spain. When I filled out the custom forms when I mailed it I put the value, about $400 USD. I did this so I could add insurance to the package.

    She only paid 80 Euro.
    I made her an invoice for the 80 to send to customs.

    Is this mismatch a huge problem? I’m so worried! It’s been in customs 8 days already and she has sent the required documents already.

  • Christoff
    11/07/2017 07:18

    Hi. I hope someone can give me some advice. I bought an item online from a vendor in Ukraine. I am in South Africa. This was almost a month ago. When I track it it states that there are two items with the same tracking nr. The one shows it left Ukraine, then a week later it entered Spain and is now held at customs. Can it be by coincidence that this is a different package? Or is it possible that it is my package that was sent to Spain by mistake???
    How can I resolve this? Does anyone have a phone nr that I could phone to put me in contact with the right person in Madrid airport Customs (packages) ?

  • i already sent then the documents they asked me to send to them and its almost a month now since then but i still dont have it yet and i kept on tracing my parcel and theres no new on it, it didnt move at all.

  • My son is in Madrid for study abroad, he had his phone stolen. He is staying with a host, an elderly women. Just saw that it is being held in customs on the USPS tracking. I sent him a old phone that we had activated. I put down it was gift worth $100. I figured he would have pay a tax and some sort of ID to pick it up. Why does a student need a NIE number? all he has is passport and his us ID.
    Can’t he just go there in person and pick up? I believe he not far from airport, short cab ride?

  • I get parcels from the US to here in Cadiz. Some get caught in the system, others are couriered straight to my door. The trick seems to be to get the sender to mark on the documentation ‘Returned Sample’ and then they assume that it’s already been in the country and is just being returned. Might not work every time, but worth a try.

  • Hi so i sent a box of clothes for my sister in Barcelona since feburary 2nd and it got to Madrid on feburary 6th. And they alredy sent my sister the aviso paper where she had to list her items and she sent it a week ago and we still havent heard anything about the box im tracking the shipment and is not moving or nothing. Is there any advise you can give me ? Im very disappointed at this moment because i sent expensive stuff thinking it was going to get there and we havent got nothing from them . Do you know how long they would take to ship the box ?

  • Hi there, I read through all these comments and seem to have a similar issue. I am currently studying in Madrid and a care package from home was held up in customs. I would like to go to the website to upload the necessary documents but it asks me for a DNI, which I do not have (other than my passport number which doesn’t work). Did you ever figure out how to bypass this? Thanks!

  • Edwin Spratley
    16/02/2017 11:29

    Hello, I have sent all documents required for my parcel to be sent on, but my official NIE has been rejected twice, asking for an NIE Tax certificate registered with the AEAT. Can’t find this, and despite verifying that I pay taxes through my lawyers office, Barajas have still not sent my package to me. 2 weeks now and counting !!!

  • I ordered some workout supplements from a US company. My package has been held in Madrid since February 5th and it is now February 12th. However, I have not yet gotten my aviso de llegada. How long does it usually take for them to send the letter? I am afraid my host family got it but then threw it away and never told me. If that happened, how can I request another?

    • Edwin Spratley
      19/02/2017 12:25

      Hello, Sometimes the aviso de llegada can take a week or two to arrive in the post, but once logged into adtpotales.com, there is usually an option to download the adl. Best wishes

  • Biljana Stojanovic
    07/02/2017 15:07

    When your package is being held hostage at Barajas just require an official inquiry about your package from your sending post! After 2 weeks you will probably get the answer that they have tried to contact the recipient but he/she didn’t provide the required documents on time, so your parcel is in the process of returning to the sender! This is from my personal experience! Yesterday I got the parcel I sent from Belgrade to Barcelona to my daughter three months ago! Never again!

  • Can someone help me. I have a parcel from Japan that arrived mid November. I have filled up the form at adtpostales.com and it has been approved since Nov 27. On the Situacion it says – C DOCUMENTACIÓN VALIDADA and on Nov 29 it says – Despachado y en proceso de entrega al destinatario. Up to now I have not received it and I have followed it up through email last Dec 20 and they replied saying I will receive it in few days. Last week Jan 16 I asked my Spanish friend to call them and they said I have to pay something and they will send a document on how much. Up to now I have not receive any form. I don’t know what else to do. It has been more than 2 months and my struggle is I can’t speak Spanish. 🙁

  • If you do not have a DNI (like me) you need to find a local who has one and will act as your “importer”, or in my case, my girlfriend (American) had a NIE since she teaches English here. Create an account here: https://www.adtpostales.com/nuevousuario.asp and use their name as the person importing on your behalf. You will need their address also. In the last step on the site, you will print out your completed document, sign it, scan it, and upload it. You will also need to upload a copy of their DNI or NIE.

    • Sebastian
      29/05/2017 14:12

      I have a question??? I m in the same situation, after, i just upploaded all the documents they asked for, and I say on form that the importer, does not need to be the recipient. (destinatario) My question is, after your girlfriend acted as the importer, was she also suddenly the new recipient, i mean did she have to get the package for you? Or was it still sent to you?

    • How do you upload a copy of your NIE? My NIE number is on my student visa, so I uploaded a scanned pdf of my student visa and Correos rejected it. I need to provide a photocopy of my NIE but I don’t know how else to do that.

      • Hey Julie,

        The NIE they need is the actually NIE card, not the one within your passport. I suggest getting a friend to upload theirs for you.

        • Thank you for your response! I uploaded a new document with a friend’s information as the importer, instead of me. She is a Spanish citizen so hopefully they accept my new document and the photocopy of her DNI card, even though I already posted an original document with my information as the importer.

          • Hi Julie,

            I am in the same situation (waiting for my NIE card but needing to get a package). Did you ever get your package through your friend? I have someone with a DNI I can use, but want to make sure the original document won’t mess up the new one.


  • Can anyone tell me if there is a way that one can by-pass correos and get a customs handling agent to clear a package and deliver it? ADTPostales ‘lost’ a consignment and could not tell me what happened to it – it has been resent and is now in Customs at the airport in Madrid. Going there is not an option – I will need to get someone else to do it for me.

    • Hi Clark,

      It is my understanding that customs and Correos at Barajas are one in the same. If they haven’t released your package or sent you the documents telling you to pick it up somewhere, you have to wait. But this is the extent of my knowledge. Try giving the Correos a call and see if they say any different.

  • Mr Dogge
    07/12/2016 17:17

    This has been a nightmare, I’m lucky enough to live in central Madrid either 17 minutes drive to Barajas cargo area or 30 minutes on metro direct (with a short 15 minute walk from the Metro station at the Barajas end). Ok this is what happened, I usually get imports (non EU) delivered to my door at Madrid via Correos.es and I pay cash for the import duties (fair enough) and have been doing so at the same address for over 2 years but one day I get a letter through the mail stating that an item is at Barajas / correos and I had to trundle up there and pay cash. So I get a taxi ..(17 Euros) and walk into the Correos post office at Calle Alfa to be greeted by two queues, I went to the registration queue and they gave me a form to fill in which I already filled in at home and tell me to walk outside down the street to a different building which is the Agencia Tributaria (Inland revenue in the UK and IRS in the U.S.), so I go through security control in there and queue up.. the woman there asks me for receipts Paypal etc. and I hand in the filled Correos document for which they gave me in the other office, she then takes copies and instructs me to go home and pay via bank transfer and get proof of payment from my bank, I protested and informed her that’s not what the original document instructed me to do (It stated that I could pay in cash) .. she just gave me the hard stare behind the screen .. so reluctantly I went all the way home and waited the next day for the banks to open again (they close at 2pm). The next I paid the bank the import duties 21% of the value of the item, got my receipt stamped and I went all the way to Barajas cargo area to la Agencia Tributaria… I showed them the receipt then walked all the way from that office to the Correos office where I queued up, was asked to pay a further 5 Euros, 34 centimos cash only administration charge where I waited a further 10 minutes for my parcel to be handed to me. So in all 4 legs of a long journey travelling distance, on average 25 minutes each way, 5 long queues (bank payment included) and to add insult to injury 5 Euros 34 centimos for nothing. I am furious. And another thing don’t let my English deceive you, I am a Spanish national, who knows how much harder it would have been to process this had I been foreign (would have had to get proof of residence documents aswell as the usual invoices and paypal payment receipts)… very angry indeed. This is a scam to get money out of you and or to deter you from importing things into Spain. I know there are scamsters that import cheap and then sell on claiming it’s for personal use or claim that the value of something is 1 euro when in reality it’s worth thousands but damn that aint me, the value of the contents were printed on the box ! why not open it, seal it and investigate the value and see if it corresponds then just bring it to my door and I pay the import duty ? why make me do triips to dullsville etc ?

    • Thanks for sharing! Sorry this happened to you!

    • This is really a horrible process and should not happen. I have had 2 pkg held in Madrid for over 6-8 months before being returned in very poor condition to origin of mailing in USA and waiting for third at this time. Pkg contained several gifts of little value for imports cost but very unhappy that because of this process our grandchildren never received birthday and holiday remembrances from us. All pkgs mailed through USPS with all forms completed correctly. When discussing with them they said there is nothing they can do. Three strikes and I am done …

  • I have been waiting for my package which was sent from home USA . I am in Spain now and it has been stuck in Madrid customs for a month now . Everyday they ask for documents and we send them and the next day they either ask for something new or the same paperwork . I call they can never help me other than by saying to resend everything . I am in need of my orthotics which are in the package . Idk where else to call or what else to do ? Any help here ???

    • Hi Vanessa, we are not directly associated with Correos in any way. So unfortunately I can’t help you get in contact any more tan you already are. If they are asking you for documents, and contacting you within the next day for more documents then just make sure you are following all the steps they ask for, as well as all the steps that have been carefully laid out here in this article.

      Good luck!

      – Leah

  • Hello! My package from USA been held by Customs from 8.12.16. I already ask send it back. But they never explain why they hold and person who I send it said she didn’t receive any letters. The website shows me it’s is a problem, so I can’t open. The phone numbers I try to call in Spanish, so I don’t understand plus a time difference. The person who I send it already left the Country . Please advise what can I do?

  • Hi, I’m in a weird situation. The package I had sent here to Madrid has been sitting in customs for the past 5 days. All I have is the tracking number and that’s how I know. I recently moved here from Canada so all the express courier has of mine is my Canadian phone number and possibly email. I haven’t gotten any correspondence from customs so I don’t know what I’m supposed to do, if anything. I have the tracking number and that’s how I know what the package is up to. Any help would be appreciated

    • Hi Steve, 5 days is not very long for it to be at customs. It is probably waiting for it’s turn to be inspected and then for them to send the Aviso letter to you OR they will send it to a Correos office near your address for you to pick up. It depends on the contents. Do not panic yet! Your Canadian courier has done its job and is no longer involved in the process! Hopefully you get the letting in the coming days and then you can start with the process of getting it to your piso.

    • Hi Steve, I am in this exact situation now (wish i read about Spain before sending my gift…ugh). What ended up happening with your package? What was the process and how long? Thank you in advance for the advice/response.!!

      • Hi, I also sent a box from the US to friends in Spain on 11/24/17. It cost me $110 to ship. The post office insures it for $200 and I made them mistake of entering like $180 as the cost of gifts. It got held up in Madrid Customs on 12/4/17 and is still there. They sent a letter to our friends wanting to know the content and what each item cost (no item was over $40). He sent it back right away and they contacted him in a few days saying he had to pay $104 before they would send him the box. Now, from what I have read on the websites, they are not supposed to tax on gifts. Which is what I wrote on my customs form and he wrote on his, but they still did. And everything was wrapped in Christmas paper too. So basically I just spent $237 (bc I had to pay fees to send money Pay Pal as well) to ship a box of gifts probably worth the same. Very, very upsetting that they do this as I received the box the sent to us and I did not have to pay any fees to get the box. Lesson learned, I will now limit what I send and in a much smaller box. It is a shame it needs to be this way. I plan on putting a complaint in (not that it will probably do any good) as to why we were charged on “gifts” once he gets the box in his possession.

  • Hello Everybody, thanks for sharing your troubles. I’m in a similar situation, bought some motorcycle parts on Ebay US (for approx $ 300). The parts have been sitting at Spanish customs since end June. When I noticed it is not moving forward and started reading your posts, I also logged in with my NIE number on adtpostales.com/acceder.asp. All the info about my package is there, except the fact that I could not upload any of the required documents and I got some messages about that the package will be returned to sender. Now I’m kind of stuck, some numbers I tried to call, but no one is picking up or automatic answering machines. Any tips?

    • Hi Frankie! We have a few possible suggestions.

      First, the server might not let you upload because you don’t have the correct amount of documents to upload. Have you completed 3 documents listed above? 1)passport copy 2)proof of purchase 3) A completed “aviso de llegada” form which Correos should have sent you? Since this is not a gift, you should not need the 4th) “letter” which states that you are the receiver of the gift.

      Second, since the account was not logged into within a decent amount of time and they are sending the package back – they might have disabled the option of uploading anything onto the page.

      You could try uploading the documents and sending them via email to Correos. I have never tried this, but it could work!

      I hope this helps!

      – Leah

  • Thanks for this facility. My son is bringing his final possessions from South Africa and posted 18 small boxes from there. We received notification that 9 are in Spain now. We are having great difficulty providing the documentation ADT require but are slowly getting there. (We filled in forms 2+ weeks ago on the site but these were deemed inadequate). We have battled to get what they require but are almost there and are now resubmitting. Only to find that at least one of the shipments has already been classified “Return to Sender”. The sender (my son) now lives here in Spain!! He was told by the SA post office to put a Spanish RtS address on the paperwork, so goodness knows where ADT will send it.
    Our translator tried to phone ADT to ask for an extension of time but could not get through to anyone – well she eventually got through to one man and was cut off as soon as she said her name.
    PLEASE do you have any advice on how we can contact ADT to get them to keep the boxes longer so we can get all the paperwork uploaded to them?

    • Good morning Ann! Just reading through your comment now. You’ve done a great job at being patient during this ridiculous process! Unfortunately there is nothing you can really do to slow down the process of the returning package. The only thing I can suggest to you is to keep calling relentlessly – I’m sure you have been to this page already, but just in case here is the link to the contact information of ADT Postales. Let us know if anything progresses!


      – Leah

  • hello I have sent the documents needed but until now I have not receive any email from yhem that it is been validated. worried here

    • Hi Heide, I’m sorry to hear that! unfortunately there is nothing you can do. How long have you been waiting?

      • Hello , I paid them already and I thought if I pay them they’ll send my parcel as quickly as I sent the money to them. It’s been 2mos now and still waiting for my parcel. Kept on visiting the adtpostales if there is new but none. Lil worried now because I paid 50euro for even just a 70€ parcel. just a bit of difference, if only I knew it will be like this I should never order online. They are so slow
        I am disappointed.

        • please can u let me know how u paid? im having a difficult time doing so, hopefully u recieved your parcel?

  • I was expecting 3 parcels with some makeup and toiletries from Korea. They have been held at customs for almost a week now and 2-3 days ago I filled and uploaded all the documents they asked for on the ADT Postales website. But it says that the validation of documents is still pending.
    Does anyone know how long it takes and how to speed up the process?
    I live nowhere near Madrid, so picking them up myself is not feasible.

    • Hi Bella,
      So sorry to hear you have your things hold in custom. The approval itself takes a while, so don’t worry so far. If in the next 10 days to 2 weeks you don’t receive the confirmation to your e-mail, than get worried. But so far is normal! Good luck 😉

  • Hey everyone! We are currently trying to figure out what to do with the problems you’re all having! I didn’t have this issue personally so I have to go through some trial runs and see what’s going on! Sit tight!

  • Shannon McDevitt
    14/03/2016 21:07

    How do you upload anything to the Correos server though? I keep getting directed to a page requesting a [email protected] pin, which I do not have. I have the NIF number of the woman I’m living with in Spain, but that doesn’t seem to help me at all.

  • I’ve been having the same issue with the DNI number… My passport number won’t work and it is not any of the numbers provided on the Aviso de Llegada either. Did anybody figure this out? I even went to Correos today and they told me there’s nothing they can do and that my package will just be sent back if I don’t get past that.

  • Dawn Williamson
    05/03/2016 18:30

    I am trying to upload documents to the website but there is no where that says aportacion de documentacion that will upload anything. All the information is there but how do I actually upload the information

  • Hanna Barish
    05/03/2016 16:23

    I have to write a letter since the package I received is a gift from a family member. Do I upload the letter to the server where it indicates I am supposed to upload proof of payment? Or should I send it to the email they provide? Or something else?

  • DMM-05371
    15/02/2016 22:17

    Hi! This article is very helpful for me. However, I cannot get passed the login page on the website. It says my DNI is invalid. I put in my passport number. Is this incorrect? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’ve been trying to figure this out for a week!!

    • Joachim Wolf
      16/02/2016 23:41

      Hey there, the “numero de envio internatcional” is the code of your package! The code should be indicated some where on the letter or slip you got in the mail! Let me know if it all works out!

  • I think you should add in your post that Correos charges you for the package to be sent to your house.

    • I have a package stuck in Madrid that a friend sent for my bday.
      I only have a passport – idf I use a friend’s NIE do i use their name also or can I use mine.
      Also, I don’t want to accept the package if the taxes are too much – IS there a way to estimate the cost before it arrives in Barcelona (where I am)? If I don’t pick it up in Barcelona will it still be returned to sender?
      Thank you!!

      • Hi Ellen!
        So, the package has been sent to you, so you cannot use someone elses documents to pick it up. I dont know why the package is in Madrid, it was meant to be sent to Barcelona. So I am very confused about the advice you need from me. If you never go to pick up the package it will be sent back to sender but they might be subject to a fee since it was never picked up.


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