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N26 is a pioneer in online banking in Europe and is known as one of the most reliable money managing apps out there. It’s known as a perfect bank account for Expats and International students moving to Spain. It’s one of the first apps that allows its users to manage their money around the world in a completely virtual way, without even needing a physical card! It also provides a proper Spanish IBAN to its users. What’s more, their Standard Bank Account is completely free to use and only takes a few moments to set up.

To read more about how to open a bank account in Spain, the best options for your situation and how the whole system works, check out our guide to “The Best Banks in Spain for Internationals”.

N26 Standard Account – Perfect for Expats & Students

The N26 Standard Account is completely free to open and takes less than 10 minutes to set up. Not to mention, it can be set up from anywhere around the world! We’ll cover more on how to ensure that you get your Spanish IBAN (account number) even when you’re not applying from within Spain in our next chaper. But for now, lets go over the many amazing benefits of the N26 Standard Bank Account!

Here is an overview of the awesome benefits of the free N26 Standard Bank Account:

  • A Spanish IBAN – Many online banking services have limitations regarding the bank details they can provide. But N26 has the full license to give you a Spanish IBAN even when you apply while you’re still outside of Spain, as long as you already have your Spanish NIE/TIE.
  • Virtual Mastercard – Say goodbye to physical cards and say hello to free, fully functioning, virtual Mastercard debit card. it will work worldwide and can connect to your Apply Pay and Google Wallet. Upgrade to a physical card for only 10€!
  • Cheap International Transfers – Send money at real rates around the world in over 35 currencies with N26’s built in Wise(formerly Transferwise) feature. No additional fees!
  • No Fees When Spending Abroad – When using your virtual Mastercard you will not be charged any additional fees, no matter where in the world you are!
  • Free Money Withdrawals in Europe – Take out money up to 3 times per month without any additional fees or charges.
  • Money Management – The N26 app will analyze your spending and present it to you with statistics and categories so you can get a better idea of how you’re using your money.
  • 24/7 Virtual Assistance – The N26 chat bot is available for you at all times of the day/night. Additionally you will have access to a live chat within the app with N26 specialists in 5 different languages (English, German, Italian, French and Spanish).

Upgrade to N26 Smart or N26 You to access even more incredible features

If you would like even more from your online bank then N26 has some great options for you! By upgrading to their Smart account or their You account you’ll get a customized physical card that can be shipped to the Citylife office, where we will save it for you until you’re ready to pick it up! Additional upgrades include:

N26 Smart Account – 4.90€/month

  • Everything included with the Standard Account
  • Physical Mastercard Debit card
  • “Spaces” to organize your money for different uses (great for saving)
  • Saving tools like round ups to passively save your money
  • Direct hotline for phone support with specialists
  • Access to discounts from N26 partners

N26 You Account – 9.90€/month

  • Everything included with the Standard & Smart Accounts
  • Medical travel insurance in case of emergencies
  • Travel, flight and luggage insurance
  • mobile insurance & sport insurance
  • Access to share saving space for up to 10 users
  • Prioritized direct hotline support with specialists

Open Your N26 Account Today – Instructions to obtain a Spanish IBAN

What makes N26 special is that you can sign up and open your new Spanish bank account. So if you already have your NIE number then you can apply without even being in Spain. This is especially a great option for Non-EU citizens who have their NIE printed in their Visas. The bank account takes less than 10 mins to set up and once one of their team members approves your identity, your account will be open and ready to use with a Spanish IBAN! Continue reading for step by step instructions for opening an N26 account.

If you already have your NIE number, we recommend setting up your account about 2 weeks before your arrival to Spain, that way your debit card (if you e.g. opt for a N26 Smart or Metal Account) will have time to arrive to the address that you indicate as shipment address during the opening process

Do you need help applying for your NIE Card or TIE Card? Visit our comprehensive guide to applying for your NIE/TIE in Madrid!

  1. Follow this link to the sign up page.
  2. Make sure to change your country of residence to SPAIN (else you will not get a working Spanish IBAN nor will you be able to change it later.)
  1. Complete the forms with your personal information.
  2. If you do not have a Spanish address then you can indicate the Citylife Office. Our address is: Calle Gran Vía 33 – 8D, Postcode: 28013, Madrid. (see photo for example). Our office can also be used as a pick up point for your Mastercard (if you opt for one). Just remember to update your address later once you have your own flat! You will control your card via the app so your card will be safe while you wait to pick it up.
  3. Continue completing the form with your personal information.
  4. For the section about employment status please indicate the status that you will have when you are in Spain (eg Student).
  5. In the section about taxes, it will ask you for your Spanish tax details. This is where you need to indicate your Spanish NIE/TIE number. Select “add more” and add your details from the country you currently reside in.
  1. Create your account by choosing a password and agreeing to the terms & conditions. Once done you will need to verify your email address.
  2. At this point in the process you get to choose your account type.
  3. The next steps will include setting up the N26 app and submitting your ID information for review. You will need to schedule a call with one of the N26 specialists who will verify your identity and launch your account! Your IBAN will then be ready to use so you can continue preparing for your arrive to Spain!

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