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Revolut prides itself for being the first truly global financial app that supports all aspects on online banking without the actual bank! This super app allows users to move their money on a global scale while taking advantage of minimal exchange rates and service fees across over 30 countries. In addition to these awesome international perks, the app itself runs as a highly supportive and easy to use money manager

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Revolut Personal Account – All the Features You Need

The Revolut personal account has a lot to offer to its users and can be set up in a matter of only minutes directly from your phone via the app. Simply choose your country of residence, enter in a few personal details and you’ll be ready to manage your money instantly!

Here are some of the many amazing features of the Revolut personal account:

  • Official Bank Details – Your account will come with bank details that can be used to receive both national and international transfers (IBAN, BIC, SWIFT).
  • Link Additional Accounts – Manage all your money through Revolut by linking your other accounts with other banks within the Revolut app.
  • Account Upgrades – Upgrade to the Plus, Premium or Metal accounts for even more perks and money movements.
  • Mastercard Debit Card – Your Revolut personal account comes with 2 very simple debit cards that can be used locally and abroad with minimal to no fees. Use the card virtually, in person or even get a single use card.
  • Multi-Currency Balances – Users can hold and convert over 30 different currencies in their Revolut account at one time! When you need access to a certain currency simply use your card and Revolut will handle the conversion for you for minimal fees.
  • Money Transfers – Transfer money to over 60 countries and only worry about paying the real exchange rates and thus minimize fees.
  • Pockets – Managing your spending by creating a budget outlook with Revolut’s pockets. Ensure you have the money you need when you need it and don’t dip into your main account to pay your bills.
  • Investments – Take advantage of investment opportunities within the Revolut app. Purchase metals like gold and silver and invest in cryptocurrency and the stock market.

Open Your Revolut Account Today

Simply download the Revolut app and set up your account in a matter of minutes. Link your existing bank accounts or send money to your new Revolut account and start managing your money better! It’s easy!

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