Packlink is a multi-carrier comparison site that lets you ship packages at discount prices, up to 70% cheaper than public market rates. The company offers the chance to compare and make door-to-door shipments around the world with the best carriers. Their commitment is to provide a high quality delivery service without sacrificing money saving! Packlink is one of the best choices for domestic and international shipments because you can book them in a few, quick and easy steps.

They offer the best transport carriers with savings of up to 50% for domestic shipments and up to 70% for international shipments.

Simply register by following these steps:

  1. Go to Packlink
  2. Fill in the details of the shipment’s origin, destination and dimensions of the package
  3. Choose the carrier and service that best fit your needs
  4. Fill in your personal data, indicate the content & value of the package
  5. Select the pick-up date and provide the remaining receiver data
  6. Review your data and proceed to the online payment

Important: Use the coupon code “CITYLIFE22” to save an additional 10%! Easy, right?

You will be able to see the tracking of your package from the day of the pick up to the delivery in destination!

If you are looking to ship some items to Madrid before you arrive (rather than carrying several bags onto the plane) you’re welcome to send them to our office where they will be kept safe and secure until your arrival (free service)! Simply indicate our office address below:

Citylife Madrid

Calle Gran Vía 22Dpdo, 2D

28013 Madrid


Once everything is complete you can sit back a relax, without worrying about your luggage or packages. Just leave the work for Packlink!

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  • Timna Nöckler
    28/04/2020 21:23

    do they ship from madrid to Vienna? because I could not find this option and my suitcase is still there unfortunately :((

    • Hey Timma! You will need to visit their site and input the details of your shipment (countries, cities, postal code, etc). Ensure you write in Spanish too I think this helps. I tried to do a test for you byt the details are too specific. 🙂

  • Does Packlink deliver FROM USA to Spain?


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