swearing Gilipollas
Have you ever seen the show Jackass? Well, chances are that the folks here in Spain would refer to those guys as Gilipollas. Directly translated it means “asshole” but rather than using it to call someone a jerk, it is used more to describe a person as an idiot, or a fool. Someone who just doesn’t think before doing something obviously stupid. It is an incredibly diverse word here in Spain and is often used as an incredible insult – “Ese tío es un gilipollas.” It can be very strong when not handled in a playful manner. So be careful!




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Juan Doez
04/09/2016 21:46

This is a very Madrileña word

This was my favorite swear word learned as an exchange student on the Costa del Sol 30 years ago. I learned it used similar in fashion to calling someone a “fuckin douche bag” in the States, in terms of its strength of usage. We would not dare utter it in front of adults.

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