swearing la madre que te pario
Did you know that “La madre que te parió” is among the top 3 on the list of the most frequently used curses in the Spanish language? It literally means “the mother who gave birth to you!” and it is used in the same way as ‘you bastard’, ‘you son of a bitch’ or even ‘you motherf**ker’. Spanish people also use it in a positive way mostly among friends and in this case it expresses some kind of surprise or when you didn’t expect something the other person has done.”

Now you know 🙂

– Your CityLife Madrid Team



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A round of applause for your blog article.Thanks Again. Really Cool.

[…] La madre que te parió This is a frequently used curse by Spaniards. In fact, according to “City Life Madrid” it is in the Top 3 of Spanish cuss words, and literally translates to mean “the mother who […]

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