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Flamenco, the fiery dance as old as Spain itself. We’ve all heard of it, it’s probably one of the first things that comes to mind when thinking about Spain and the Spanish culture. Over the years, Flamenco has become a very popular form of expression, especially in the southern region of Andalucía. It has been, and always will be, one of the defining aspects in Spanish culture! In this article we will share some of the history of Flamenco as well as the best flamenco shows in Madrid so you can experience this amazing cultural display for yourself.

What is Flamenco?

Flamenco is a beautiful mix of ancient Romani folk music and both Jewish and Moorish influence. It originated in the south of Spain, in the region of Andalucia, but its exact origins are impossible to trace.

The songs (cantes) are usually very emotional, covering topics of heartbreak, tragedy and hardship. The dance (baile) is made of fluid movements and strong rhythmic stomping. The dance is usually lead by a Spanish guitar and a dry beat against the floor (known as palo seco). The combination creates an incredibly emotional experience for both the artists and the audience.

For an in depth look at Flamenco and its history, check out this article on Britannica.

The Best Flamenco Shows in Madrid

Below is a list of our top favourite Flamenco shows in Madrid. We’ve added a price range for you (€-€€€) which is determined by the value of the basic entry ticket and what’s included.

1. La Cueva De Lola (€)

Flamenco Shows in Madrid – La Cueva de Lola

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Located in the heart of Madrid’s centre in a 17th century cave, La Cueva de Lola is sure to transport you straight into the spectacular world of Flamenco! The atmosphere in this Tablao is constantly exciting merging tradition with modern twists. Here, not only will you find one of the best flamenco shows in Madrid, you’ll also get the opportunity to try an authentic Andalusian meal!

For more information on prices and showtimes visit the official website here.

2. Corral de la Moreria (€€€)

Flamenco Shows in Madrid – Corral de la Moreria

Founded in 1956, Corral de la Moreria provides an unforgettable night of flamenco that will have you wanting to jump up off your seat! This tablao is steeped in history with many of flamencos stars got their start in this quaint space back in the day. Even holding a Michelin star this spot is the perfect place to enjoy a delicious meal and the beautiful Spanish tradition of flamenco.

For more information on prices and showtimes visit the official website here.

3. Torres Bermeja (€€)

Flamenco Shows in Madrid – Torres Bermeja

This is an authentic and traditional Flamenco show in Madrid, featuring decor which was inspired by the Alhambra in Granada, Torres Bermeja transports you straight to Andalucia during this amazing experience! To top your night there it’s always great to try some of the delicious Spanish cuisines they have to offer!

For more information on prices and showtimes visit the official website here.

4. Tablao las Carboneras (€€)

Flamenco Shows in Madrid – Las Carboneras

Located right next to Madrid’s famous Mercado San Miguel is the Tablao las Carboneras! This location combines the idea of a traditional flamenco cafe with modern Spanish gastronomy. Their team of dancers, singers and guitarists are renowned in Madrid so you can always count on an amazing evening!

For more information on prices and showtimes visit the official website here.

5. The Flamenco Experience (€)

Flamenco Shows in Madrid – The Flamenco Experience

Citylife Madrid offers an amazing and interactive Flamenco Experience that takes place right before our language exchange event, Meet & Speak! These events are specially organized, and include a presentation on the art of flamenco, a live, close up flamenco show, drinks and a chance to try out the dance moves yourself! If you are interested in attending, keep an eye on our events calendar to book your flamenco experience with us!

For more information please visit our events calendar.

6. Teatro Flamenco Madrid (€€€)

Flamenco Shows in Madrid – Teatro Flamenco Madrid

A truly epic Flamenco show in Madrid! The Theatro Flamenco Madrid does away with the small, cafe style venue and puts it’s show on a grand stage! It’s main show, Emociones is on all year round and displays amazing Flamenco styles from across Spain. The location also hosts Flamenco classes and well as various concerts.

For more information on prices and showtimes visit the official website here.

7. Cardamomo (€€€)

Flamenco Shows in Madrid – Cardamomo

With a different show every day Cardamomo is a favourite when it comes to Flamenco shows in Madrid! What’s different about this show is that besides having top talent performing at their venue, they also bring a new artist onto the scene every week without fail. Cardamomo has named itself a “cultural center for restless souls” and this is seen through every corner of this memorable venue.

For more information on prices and showtimes visit the official website here.

8. Las Tablas (€)

Flamenco Shows in Madrid – Las Tablas

Las Tablas was founded by two flamenco dancers who desired to share their personal views and passions for flamenco with the world. They combine this traditional dance with modern theatrical elements like lighting, sound, freestyle dancing and more!

For more information on prices and showtimes visit the official website here.

Niamh came to Madrid in 2019 for her Erasmus year and since then has been in love with the city and all things Spanish. In her time off you will find her wandering around the many gardens of the Retiro Park or soaking up the sun at some of Madrid's many Terrazas.

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