Reserve your WifiAway router now & enjoy Internet to go and at home from your first day in Spain!

We always recommend looking for flats where Internet is already included. However, if you have found a flat that you like but Internet is not included, there is a very practical & economic solution offered by WifiAway which will save you money, hassle and complicated paper work (e.g. no NIE/Spanish bank account is required to obtain Internet for your new home)!

WifiAway offers a small device (router) that connects to the 4G network (high speed, similar to fiber) with a capacity limit of 20 Gb! You can connect up to 10 computers, tablets or smartphones to the mobile Wifi network.

20 Gb usually are enough if you use Internet for browsing, sending emails, facebook, etc.. If you want to permanently stream/download movies, video, etc. you might want to book it as an interim solution as the 20Gb probably won’t be enough. There is no minimum contract duration! You can see the available plans by accessing the WifiAway webpage (rates vary by time period). You have the option to book online and have it delivered to your address, however, by booking in our office you will avoid the shipment costs of 7€ and you will receive your device right away!

To get more information or to book your WifiAway Portable Wifi without contracts, simply click here!

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