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1. Moving to Madrid – The Ultimate Guide

• Important things to organize before traveling to Madrid

  • How to find a flat/room that offers full flexibility & refund
  • Best medical insurance options for Spain with flexible conditions
  • Free visa & legal support

• NewsTicker & free Healthcare Advice Hotline – Stay informed and be safe

• Further important, organizational topics to bear in mind

2. Moving to Madrid Checklist

  • Start the housing hunt
  • Get all your doubts resolved
  • Request your public transportation card
  • Plan and organize your travel

3. Housing Guide Madrid

  • Madrid & it’s neighbourhoods
  • How to find the perfect place
  • Understanding contractual obligations
  • Hints & tips

4. Madrid Essentials Guide

  • Welcome to Madrid
  • Getting settled at a glance
  • Avoiding pitfalls
  • Hints & tips

5. Madrid Student Magazine

  • Life in Madrid
  • Art & culture
  • What to see and do
  • International community

Watch our Informative Moving to Madrid Webinars

Hear directly from our experienced team members as they share all their must-know information about moving to Madrid. These sessions are completely free and run on a daily basis.

Throughout these webinars we cover the number of things you can prepare before you’ve left your home. Like finding your apartment online, contracting medical insurance and preparing your legal documents. As well as all the exciting things waiting for you here in Madrid!

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Learn more about Citylife and everything we have to offer by downloading our semester brochure! Here we highlight all the fun things we have in store for you in Madrid. From Trips and events, to essential details about how you can enjoy your time in the city to fullest.

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We’re looking forward to meeting you! You can also use your visit to get answers to all the questions you might have. The starter pack is completely free of charge and contains lots of useful information, maps, the official Madrid student magazine as well as many discounts which will help you save money.

Whether you’re from the European Union or not you will probably have some paperwork to complete when you arrive to Madrid. We’ve worked hard to put together a comprehensive collection of legal resources for you. From step-by-step guides for applying for various documents (like NIE, TIE, Empadronamiento, etc.), to our private Facebook forum where you can ask and share any information you need, to discounts and contact information for professional immigration services that you can consult for further help!

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We want to help you connect to the people in Madrid who share your interests, so we’ve created a series of interest groups on WhatsApp. All you have to do is write us at +34656190745 with your nameyour arrival date and which group you’d like to join. The group chats we offer are:

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We’re not finished giving you some amazing bonuses! In addition to everything we’ve mentioned already, we also want to give you access to some amazing discounts, so you can enjoy Madrid while saving money!

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Let your Spanish adventure begin! Citylife hosts amazing trips packages every weekend all around Spain, Portugal and Morocco! From day trips to weekend getaways we make sure you can explore as much as possible during your time abroad. We also host some amazing cultural activities and events around Madrid. Like wine tastings, walking tours, dance classes and more. Get in touch with everything we have to offer and start planning your time in Madrid now!

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Get the Most out of Madrid’s Nightlife

The nightlife scene in Madrid is legendary. From a seemingly infinite amount of bars and clubs to enjoy, to the late night (more like early morning) opening times of each location. Madrid offers something for everyone when it comes to enjoying the night and we want you to have access to as much as possible when you arrive.

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