Fame in Spain: Camarón de la Isla & Paco de Lucía

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camaron-de-la-isla-cantaor-y-llave-de-oro-en-lo-flamencoWe’re sure you’ve heard of flamenco, a Spanish style of dance and music that is well known throughout the world. This art has many different variations and has lived multiple transformations throughout its centuries of history. One of the most recent styles developed was in the 70’s and 80’s by singer Camarón de la Isla (1950-1992) and guitarrist Paco de Lucía (1947-2014), an artistic couple that modernized flamenco. Remember these names! For they are extremely important to Spanish Culture!

Cameron’s hit album, “La Leyenda del tiempo” truly revolutionized the flamenco that we have today. Though the most purist flamenco artists were strongly opposed to his new style, the album completely transformed flamenco for the new generation.

paco-de-lucia-i-c Though Paco de Lucía did not participate in this particular record, the two were an excellent pair between the guitar of one and the broken voice of the other that have left musicians in recent decades truly inspired.

Although Camarón passed away at the age of 41, he left a lasting impression introducing new innovations to flamenco such as the use of rock, indi, and symphonic themes.

On the other hand, Paco de Lucía, through his virtuous side of the guitar, developed a prolific musical career with international recognition that led to the most important musical scenes of the world.




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