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Looking for something new to try during your time in Spain? Try these Vegan Spanish Tapas and Vegetarian Tapas.

In each city you visit, the tapas will vary in each place, so there are lots to explore! While Spanish tapas are typically quite meaty, there are some great vegan & vegetarian tapas too like patatas bravas, delicious olives, or bread with tomato. This article showcases some of the tasty vegan and vegetarian tapas dishes that Spain has to offer.

If you’re searching for somewhere to try these exciting Spanish dishes, check out our article on the best vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Madrid. If you aren´t a vegan and you want to learn more about all of Spain’s delicious tapas check out our guide to Spanish tapas for newcomers.


If you find yourself in Madrid during the summer months, what you will want to cool the heat is Gazpacho. Having emerged from Andalucia, this dish is a dish that is typically served cold. This popular Spanish dish is the perfect vegetarian Tapa. Although occasionally, ham or egg will be added to the top of the soup. Be sure to ask the waiter to serve the Gazpacho without these ingredients and you are good to go! Gazpacho’s soup rival is a soup called salmorejo. This soup can also be vegan (as long as you skip the hard-boiled eggs), with the main ingredients of tomatoes and peppers.

You can click here for the recipe for both of these rival soups.

Patatas Bravas con AliOli

You can never go too far wrong with fried potatoes and here in Spain, they’re the go-to choice for an appetizer or snack to share along with a round of beers in one of Madrid’s Terrazas. This tasty dish consists of fried potatoes served warm with a spicy tomato sauce which is not for the faint-hearted! Being such a simple dish, it’s easy to experiment with cooking it yourself.

Here you can find how to follow this vegan tapas recipe at home.

Pimientos de Padrón

Pimientos de padrón are grilled peppers from the region of Galicia, making this the perfect dish for someone who is vegan! The Spanish often have different appetisers before meals, so you’ll find these peppers to be a popular option when eating out. But make sure to watch out, as some of these peppers are spicy and others are not.  Not only are these addictive Padrón peppers a great vegan option, they’re also incredibly healthy!

Click here for an easy to follow recipe to make your own pimientos de padrón!

Espinacas con Garbanzos

Spanish Spinach and Chickpeas is a main staple in the province of Sevilla, Spain, where it originated. But it’s also found in the many restaurants of Madrid. Although this vegan tapa may seem boring at first glance, the spices, garlic and vinegar that go into the dish make it comforting and full of flavour. This is a very simple dish to make, but sometimes the simplest things in life are the best!

Click here for the recipe!


This dish is essentially just a breadcrumbed roll of food leftovers, usually bound together with a rich bechamel sauce. Here in Madrid, you’ll find that this dish is often cooked with ham (jamón) on the inside, a favourite of the locals here. However, there are plenty of places where you can still enjoy croquetas if you’re a vegan, making croquetas one of the most beloved vegan dishes in Madrid. For example, check your menu for croquetas de seta (mushroom) or croquetas de espicacas y piñones (spinach and pine nuts).

Get the recipe here.

Churros con Chocolate

Okay, so maybe these sugary treats don’t exactly fit into the tapas theme but when it comes to Spanish food they can’t be missed! You’ll find churros across the globe, but nowhere will you find them as delicious as they are in Spain. Typically, churros come with chocolate, but feel free to skip the chocolate and just enjoy the fried sugary churros for all they’re worth! Churros being vegetarian, are a delicious treat and are super popular here in Spain. Chocolatería San Ginés is a churro restaurant that is open 24/7. After a night out in Madrid, nothing tops the night off better than churros!

Find the recipe to make your own churros here.

Champiñones al Ajillo

Champiñones al ajillo or garlic mushrooms in English is a very popular Spanish tapas dish made from sautéed mushrooms with garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, and chilli. They’re perfect as part of a tapas spread or on toast for a quick vegan dinner option.

Click here for a great Champiñones al ajillo recipe.

Pan con Tomate

A very simple but filling dish, pan con tomate is exactly what it translates to: bread with tomato. Usually served as breakfast or a snack, the bread is toasted and then topped with tomato in whatever form (crushed, sliced, grated, etc.), garlic, and olive oil. A big trick is to use a thick enough piece of bread so it doesn’t get soggy.

Check out this recipe to make your own pan con tomate.

Niamh came to Madrid in 2019 for her Erasmus year and since then has been in love with the city and all things Spanish. In her time off you will find her wandering around the many gardens of the Retiro Park or soaking up the sun at some of Madrid's many Terrazas.

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