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The HLA Group stands out as a top-tier hospital network in Spain’s healthcare system, renowned for its adherence to international standards of excellence. Among its esteemed institutions, the Hospital HLA Universitario Moncloa stands out due to the quality healthcare that it provides. This facility, located in Madrid’s Moncloa neighbourhood, holds the prestigious “Q” for Quality Tourism certification, making it the sole hospital in the Region of Madrid to achieve this distinction.

Comprising 218 single rooms, each equipped with accommodations for a companion, along with 7 premium suites and 12 suites featuring lounges, the hospital ensures comfort and personalized care for its patients. On top, the hospital offers 13 ICU stations and 14 state-of-the-art operating theaters dedicated to major surgical procedures.

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Download the official HLA Moncloa Hospital Student brochure to read about everything they offer to international patients. Additionally, you can contact the HLA Moncloa team directly with any questions you have through their email at [email protected]

To read more about the customer and medical services offered at HLA Universitario Moncloa, skip down to our quick facts section. Otherwise, continue reading for an informative description of a foreign student’s trip to HLA Universitario Moncloa which was written by one of our community members, Richard!

A Foreigner’s Trip to HLA Moncloa Hospital

I came to Madrid because I joined a study abroad program and I wanted to explore Spain and Europe. I didn’t know a lot about the Spanish Healthcare system, but I had heard that almost any kind of medical assistance could be covered and that the public healthcare system was very good. Unfortunately, I got very ill on a trip with abroad with some friends and I needed to see a doctor to help with fever and body pains.

I knew that I could call 112 and get help from the emergency services, but as I am not a European citizen I was worried that I would have some trouble with my insurance. I was also afraid about the language barrier since I do not speak Spanish very well. A friend of mine from university recommend that I reach out to Citylife Madrid for advice and they recommended that I visit the Hospital Universitario HLA Moncloa. It was a private hospital, but they have an international patient assistance department, and my insurance was accepted right away. The department’s staff also speak English and helped me communicate with the doctor throughout the entire process.

Once I was better and ready to leave the hospital I was given a business card with a 24/7 emergency phone number which I could use to contact the staff at the HLA Moncloa Hospital any time I needed insurance. They told me it can be used to help fill prescriptions, to call a doctor to my home, appointments with radiology and with lab tachs. Basically, any kind of specialty I might need in the future. What’s even better is that it’s all covered by my insurance!

Coming to Spain and having the peace of mind of having my health in good hands really reassured me for the rest of my stay and adding more Spanish experiences! 

To read more about the Spanish private and public healthcare system, take a look at our guide to Healthcare in Spain. It will help you familiarize and navigate the Spanish healthcare system. 

HLA Moncloa Hospital Services & Specialties

The HLA Moncloa Hospital offers a wide range of services and specialties to their patients. Take a look at all they have to offer:

Medical and Healthcare Services

  • Consultations with all types of specialists
  • Emergency and scheduled dental consultations and treatment
  • Hospitalisation
  • Diagnostic tests and clinical analyses
  • Home visits by nurses and medical services

Administration and Logistic Services

  • Repatriation
  • Ambulance transportation
  • Priority Scheduled treatments
  • Telemedicine. Video medical consultations
  • Call center 2477 in English. we do healthcare assistance management and international administration
  • All insurance accepted. We do the paper work for you.

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