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Are you studying or living abroad and looking for a native professional to talk to?

Maybe you need support adjusting to a new culture, need a refill for your prescriptions (anxiety or ADHD meds), or maybe you would just like to reduce your accent when speaking Spanish.

At SINEWS Multilingual Therapy Institute, you can find everything you need regarding your mental health conveniently situated in one place. Sinews is a licensed specialized private practice garnered especially for expats, offering many different forms of therapy under one roof:

  • Clinical Psychology for adults and couples
  • Psychiatry
  • Counseling / Coaching
  • Nutritional Coaching
  • Speech Therapy (in charge of Accent Reduction trainings among others)

Located in the center of Madrid, Spain, we are a multidisciplinary team of qualified professionals who are dedicated to helping our clients. Sinews is special because unlike other institutes, we are not only here for the whole client, but for the whole family. Some refer to us as a “one-stop shop” for therapy.

Looking for someone that not only speaks English but understand the culture adaptation you are going though?

We think it is very important that our clients can express themselves and feel understood during the therapeutic process. For that reason, we hire native speakers who are expats themselves, who have lived in a foreign country or who are part of a mixed marriage…in short, we seek to hire professionals who are not only qualified in their field but who can relate to clients on a personal level.

You don’t speak Spanish, and feel insecure about the booking process?

It’s very easy to make an appointment at Sinews. Our receptionists are fully bilingual in English and Spanish, and we have continuous scheduling all day from Monday to Saturday, so we can work with your busy timetable.

Worried about the treatment being affordable?

We have a wide range of prices, including reduced fees for sessions with licensed psychologists who are in the process of specializing in clinical psychology, and with junior therapists who have been with the company for less than two years. We work with most reimbursement plan insurance companies, such as GeoBlue and TriCare, and we are able to give invoices to clients in the moment, thus streamlining and accelerating the billing process. In sum, there are many economical options for expats searching for therapy with Sinews.

At Sinews, we are here to make your life easier. Whether you are struggling with integration to a new culture, learning a different language, or any other problem, your mental health is our priority. You can be confident that you will find here concerned and empathetic professionals who are committed to helping you work through your troubles, and with our multiple billing options and our multilingual staff, accessible therapy is not far away.

Want to know more?

You can have a look at our professionals’ bios and extended resumes, find out exactly where we are located or see the pictures of our offices at our website or feel free to contact our reception at or through a phone call: 917001979

– Your Sinews Team

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