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In Madrid (and Spain), there are dozens of different sporting events for you to enjoy as a spectator. Right here in Madrid there is a tennis tournament and a marathon. Across Spain there is a cycling competition and in Barcelona there is a Formula One race. Here at Citylife Madrid, we offer several different (free) opportunities for young people in Madrid to get together with other young people to play sports! Join our Citylife Sports Club Facebook page to meet other athletic individuals in Madrid. You can also stay active by joining our Sports WhatsApp to chat and create meet-ups with other sport lovers in Madrid! To read about Spain’s most popular sports, click here. To check out an overview of all the ways you can get involved in sports in Madrid, click here! To discover sporting events that you can watch across Spain, keep reading!

Vuelta a España


The Vuelta a España is one of Spain’s and cycling’s biggest sporting events. Since 1995, it has been taking place for 3 weeks between August and September every year. The first ever race was in 1935, but many of the following races were prevented from taking place during the Spanish Civil War and World War II. This race has 21 stages and runs for 23 days, including 2 rest days. Like most cycling tours the route changes each year, but the format of the race is the same. Riders go through the Pyrenees Mountain Range and the finish here in Madrid. The leader of the race wears a red jersey. With four wins, Spanish rider Roberto Heras has won the tour the most times.

Copa del Rey and “La Liga”


The biggest championship in Spanish football, as well as the oldest, Copa del Rey was founded in 1903. Depending on the year, the location of the final changes. With 30 wins, Barcelona are the record holders for the most wins. We can’t forget about the domestic Spanish league “La Liga,” which is played between August and May and is made up of 20 teams. The biggest game is el clásico, played between the top teams Real Madrid and Barcelona. With 33 wins, Real Madrid holds the record for the most “La Liga” championship wins.

 Spanish Formula One


The Spanish Formula One Race currently takes place at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya in Barcelona. The event is over 100 years old, the first race took place in 1913 and its been held 59 times.  The driver with the most wins is the F1 legend Michael Schumacher. The race has been a regular part of the Formula One World Championship since 1968 at a variety of venues across Spain.

Madrid Tennis Open


This tennis event is known as the “Mutua Open,” and is part of the ATP World Tour, one of the highest tiers in tennis. This event is for both female and male tennis players and takes place in early May. Each year, the Caja Magica hosts this tennis championship. This year (2019) the event will be held from the 3rd – 12th of May. Spanish tennis hero Rafael Nadal loves this event and holds endless records for it including, most titles: 5, most finals: 8, most consecutive titles: 2 and most consecutive finals: 3. At 3 titles, women’s player from the Czech Republic, Petra Kvitová holds the records for the most titles for women.

Open de España


Established in 1912, the Open de España is a Spanish golf tournament, part of the European tour, and is played at the course at the Centro Nacional de Golf in Madrid. Depending on the year, it’s played annually in either April or May. The most successful golfer at the event was Spaniard Angel de la Torre, winning 5 times. In addition to this accomplishment, he was also the first ever Spanish professional golfer, beginning his career in 1916.

Madrid Marathon


Madrid is such a great place to run, that there is a citywide marathon each year usually in late April! The Marathon in Madrid which was established in 1978 happens every year as part of the EDP ‘rock n roll’ marathons which take place all over the world. These events have live bands, cheer teams, and more to motivate runners. The Madrid event has a full marathon, half marathon, and a 10 km race through the city. If you run in the Madrid Marathon, then you’ll be sure to see all the most famous areas of Madrid. From Museu del Prado, to Puerta del Sol, all the way to the Royal Palace, you’ll see much of Madrid. It’s a notoriously difficult race, as the last 10 km are uphill, as well as the high altitude of the city of Madrid.

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