If you’ve ever been on the streets of Madrid, then you already know how crazy things can get for those who use their cars to get around. From the backed-up traffic to the lack of available parking, it can be a nightmare! One of the best ways to get around a city is by a motorbike or scooter! Not only are they a super fun mode of transport but they are incredibly easy to navigate through a crowded city-centre! They’re also a great way to escape the city for the weekend, whether you’re heading to the beach, or driving cross country.

But before you head out to buy your new bike, be sure to check out Cooltra, the leader in scooter rentals in Europe!

Cooltra is a Europe-wide rental company that specializes in motor-bike rentals for short-term and semi long-term periods. They are situated all throughout Spain (including the Canary & Balearic islands) and have 5 locations in Madrid. They offer a wide variety of scooter options, from electric models, urban scooters to three wheelers and rentals can last anywhere from 1 day to 1 month. All rentals include a helmet, road assistance, insurance and online discounts! They offer all kinds of add-ons to make your rental more comfortable like extra helmets, a top case, locks and more insurance. But wait, there’s more! Cooltra also offers special prices for students! To get more information about student offers click here and  to learn more about their great services that Cooltra offers, head over to their website.

Happy Scooting!

– Leah


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