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Enjoy up to 70€ in discount vouchers on Free2Move services! From car sharing, car rentals, parking, rideshares and more!

Free2Move is one of Europe’s ultimate all-in-one mobility solution company! They offer a wide range of transportation solutions in some of Europe’s most major cities as well as in the United States. Their car sharing services, along with the fact that the majority of their vehicles are completely electric, helps push their goal to reduce emissions and promote eco-friendly mobility. In Madrid, they are one of the leading car sharing providers with over 600 electric, four-seater vehicles parked all across the city.

Check out all the amazing car sharing and car rental options that are currently available in Madrid as well as the awesome ridesharing apps that you can use! You’ll find even more amazing discounts!

How does Free2Move Work in Madrid?

All of Free2Move’s services are completely accessible via their mobile app which can be downloaded on both iOS and Android. Once you’ve created your profile and uploaded the required information (like driver’s license, ID number, etc). You can hire any service you need right away!

With Free2Move you can:

  • Car share – Reserve a small electric car to use for a quick drive, a few hours or even a whole day. More info.
  • Car Rental – Rent a full size vehicle for long term and long distance use. More info.
  • Rideshare – Hire a professional chauffeur service to take you where you need to go. More info.
  • Parking – Reserve a parking spot at any of Madrid’s major train/bus stations as well as the Madrid Airport. More info.
  • Car Charge – Locate the nearest electric charging station and plan travel routes that suit your cars battery level. More info.

Need to get to the Madrid Airport? Hop in a Free2Move electric car and park it in one of the designated parking zones! Don’t want to drive yourself? Check out the other convenient, comfortable and affordable Madrid Airport transportation options that are available!

Enjoy up to 70€ in discount vouchers on Free2Move services

As we mentioned above, Free2Move offers a wide variety of services in Madrid that you can enjoy! Now you can enjoy those services with these amazing discounts that we’ve organized for you.

Free2Move Discount Voucher – Save 10€ on Carsharing

Make sure to download our awesome, free discount voucher for Free2Move and gain access to our promo code for the following discount:

  • 5 x 2€ vouchers for car sharing

City Card – Save up to 70€ in discount vouchers

With your City Card you will receive vouchers for:

  • 5 x 2€ vouchers for car sharing
  • 3 x 10€ vouchers for car rentals
  • 4 x 2.5€ vouchers for rideshare
  • 4 x 5€ for parking reservations.

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