Travel is one of the richest experiences live can give a person. It broadens your horizons in more ways than one! The people you meet, the place you see, the cultures you experience. These are things that can help you grow as a person and leave you with rich and important memories to take with you throughout your life! Plus, its just so fun! Every year we round up some of the best experiences and locations for our community and Spring 2017 is no exception! Take a look at our up and coming trips and broaden your horizons with us!

Day Trips


Day trips are perfect for a quick escape from the busy city! Madrid is so conveniently located right in the centre of the country that many of the most famous cities are only a few hours away, waiting to be visited. Our day trips depart from Madrid in the early morning so that you will have time to explore the cities at an enjoyable pace and be home no later than 21:00 (depending on traffic, of course). If you want to learn more about these locations below, take a look at our Exploring Spain, Morocco & Europe section!

1_toledoToledo –
Spain´s former capital is probably the most popular destination for people living in Madrid. It’s close, it´s beautiful and as I said, it´s Spain´s former capital! With a cathedral, museums, art galleries and countless sites, everyone has to see Toledo at least once! We will visit Toledo on the 14th of January and the 29th of January!

2_segoviaSegovia & Pedraza –
Segovia, a breathtaking city, has a famous cathedral castle and an ancient Roman aqueduct! Pedraza is a small village among the vast Spanish countryside where you can spend a peaceful afternoon strolling through the past along it´s tiny streets! We will visit Segovia and Pedraza twice this semester – on the 28th of January and the 11th of February!

bodegasportia-13mayInto the Wine – Spain is home to some of the best wine regions in Europe and many of those regions are located just outside of Madrid! Portia is a very modern, state of the art bodega and Lerma is a very old, medieval place that just breathes tradition! We will visit these vineyards twice, so book your tickets soon to guarantee a spot! We will be visiting the bodegas on the 18th of February and the 13th of May!

1_aranjuezAranjuez & Chinchón – 
This is truly special trip! We will visit the gorgeous holiday estate of the Spanish royal family in Aranjuez, and then journey through the valleys and mountains of the Spanish country to arrive in the little town of Chinchón! This is a one time adventure which takes place on the 11th of March!

Weekend Trips


When you are living somewhere for a limited time, you’ve got to make the most of your weekends! We love Madrid, and even though you can always find something to do here you can’t forget about all the other amazing locations there are to explore! Our weekend trips focus mostly on the Northern and Southern regions of Spain with a few extra trips that go international! The majority of these trips will only take place on Saturday´s and Sunday´s while some require departure times on Friday nights or even Thursdays! Be sure to click the links below for full details!

barcelona-febBarcelona – They might be our rival, but there is no denying Barcelona is a special city that everyone must visit! Join us on a trip to one of the most popular travel destinations in the world! We will be visiting Barcelona from the 2nd-5th of February!


2_salamancaSalamanca & Ávila – The medieval city of Salamanca is one of Spain’s culture hubs. The city looks like a postcard, with gorgeous gardens and cobbled streets. Ávila is a small town that sits within an ancient stone wall and is famous for it’s romanesque buildings! You’ll have a chance to visit Salamanca and Ávila with us from the 4th-5th of February!

morocco-25mayTangier & The Blue City – We like to call this trip “Welcome to Africa” because it’s a perfect first trip to Morocco! Visit the famous city of Tangier and the picturesque town of Chaouen and get lost in it’s blue walls and camel riding along the coast! We will be heading on this trip twice from the 9th-12 of February,the 23rd-26th of March and the 25th-28th of May!

1_portugalLisbon & Porto – 
On this wonderful trip we will take you through a walking tour, fado dinner show and pubcrawl in Lisbon. But with this trip we will also be heading the beautiful Porto! There we will visit the famous bodega’s to taste some port wine’s, take a walking tour and another pubcrawl! The trip will only happen one this semester – from the 10th-12 of March!

1_andaluciaAndalucía – It might not be in the centre of the country, but Andalucía is undoubtedly the heart of Spain! This trip will take you to the capitals of Al-Andalus: Córdoba, Sevilla and Granada! On this excursion you will have guided tours of each city and plenty of free time to visit your desired sites! You only have one chance to visit this exact trip- from the 17th-19th of March!

larioja-1-aprpngLa Rioja – You’ve probably heard of Rioja before and thats because it’s the most famous wine regions in the entire country. Producing the best wines in Spain and Europe as well. Spend a lovely day out in the Spanish wine country sampling the best labels on a gastro tour! There will only be one Rioja trip this semester so book your spot for the 1st-2nd of April, now!

1-vascoPaís Vasco & France – País Vasco is the land of breathtaking landscapes, gorgeous beaches, clear waters and delicious food! This is an exciting trip because this region is so different from both the south and the centre of Spain. Plus we will cross the border and check out gorgeous French Basque Country as well! The trip will happen from the 21st-23rd of April!

valencia-17-juneValencia – This is one of our favourite locations! Mostly because it’s one of our most relaxing trips offered. Valencia is famous for it’s massive beaches, good weather, warm water and wonderful seafood! This is where Paella came from, so you know it’s good! We’ve got two weekends for Valencia – from the 20th-21st of May, the 27th-28th of May, the 3rd-4th of June and the 17th-18th of June!

Festival Trips


Every season in Spain welcomes a number of Festivals that are meant to be enjoyed to the fullest! This semester is no exception to that rule. When you come to Spain, you’ve got to party, even if it’s just a little bit. That’s why we have created these fun and easy trips to some of Spain’s most popular festivals during the winter and spring seasons! Some of these trips are basic and simply transportation to the festival with overnight transport home. While others last a few days and nights and will include accommodation as well as transportation!

cadiz-2Cádiz Carnival – Carnival is the most famous festival in the world. From The United States, to South America and Spain the festival has been celebrated for years and years! Though the type of celebrations vary from region to region, the Carnival in Cádiz is surely considered top notch! We will head to Carnival from the 24th-26th of February and from the 3rd-5th of March!

fallasLas Fallas – Las Fallas is an age old tradition in Valencia! Though Fallas is a week long celebration we will be going on the most important night  – The Burning. When hundreds of massive parade floats go up in flames and people from all over Spain party in the streets! We leave for Fallas on the 19th of March and return to Madrid in the very early morning on the 20th!

sevilla-feria-abrilSevilla (Feria de Abril) – The coming of spring is surely something to celebrate. At least, thats what Sevillanos think! The April Fair is a huge festival in the south of Spain where the locals and visitors alike gather to celebrate April, the temperate weather and the warm southern culture! We will be heading to the festival from the 6th-7th of May!

ibiza-openingIbiza (Opening Parties) – Ibiza Opening Parties – This is the season when Ibiza wakes up from it’s long winter slumber! The dust is shaken off, the clubs are opened and the stages are set up! Opening season is a great way to experience Ibiza before the mass flood of summer festival goers arrive. This weekend is full of sun, good music and lots of drinks! Join us from the 9th-12th of June!

sanfermin4Running of the Bulls – What’s the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to Spanish festivals? Pamplona and the Running of the Bulls of course! If you’re in Spain during the time of this famous festival you simply must join us! We will be running from the 7th-8th of July!

Special Trips


We like to go above and beyond when planning our excursions each semester. That’s why we’ve worked out three very unique trips for certain long weekends and holiday breaks! These trips are perfect those who enjoy to travel without the hassle of planning an entire week long excursion on your own because we’ve got it all planned for you! Check out our special trips below to start your holiday planning!

1_pyrennesPyrenees – The Pyrenees mountain are famous for their ski resorts, fresh powder and gorgeous scenery! Join us on this special venture through the mountains between Spain and France for some skiing, snowboarding and all around winter fun! We will be heading north from the 15th-20th of February

morocco-juneMorocco – We call it The African Adventure because during this week long trip we will explore much more than ever before! We will visit more than 5 cities and even spend some time crossing the Sahara on camels and even spending the night in the desert! We will go on this adventure twice –  from the 8th-16th of April and from the 19th-27th of June!

2_portugalPortugal – On this special 4 day excursion through Portugal, we will visit some of the best sites the country has to offer. Join us on a detailed look into two of Portugal’s most famous cities, Lisbon and Porto. Bring your cameras and get ready for some world famous Port wines! We will head west during the bank holiday long weekend from the 12th-15 of May!


Also check out our complete “Activities and Events Calendar” for spring 2017 here!

Your friendly neighbourhood travel guide,

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