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The rooftop bar scene in Madrid has exploded over the last few years. What was once a small list of exclusive little rooftop terraces in Malasaña, or huge rooftops on the city’s most famous hotels has now become a large collection of modern and chic rooftop bars all over the city. Just by walking along Gran Vía you will find that nearly every second or third building has a fabulous sky bar to sip a drink and overlook Madrid’s downtown. Not to mention the amazing rooftop pools scattered all over the city center!

Rooftop terraces provide the perfect combination of relaxation and jaw-dropping panoramic views of the city we all love, Madrid. In this article, you will find 26 rooftop terraces that you most definitely will enjoy visiting.

1. Casa Suecia

Casa Suecia is a rooftop terrace that can be found on the top floor of the NH Collection Madrid Suecia Hotel. The NH hotels are known for having beautiful rooftop terraces in Madrid, and Casa Suecia is no exception. The terrace features a lot of open space to enjoy the incredible views from. Besides the views, you can also enjoy culinary Spanish and International cuisine in the restaurant. The rooftop bar serves refreshing cocktails and has a detailed wine selection. Additionally, the bar is surrounded by sofas for a comfortable experience. Don’t forget to check out the second staircase on the roof. This leads to an elevated point with even more stunning views.

Check out our Nightlife Madrid page for or information on reserving a spot at Casa Suecia and how to join the locations many events!

2. Circulo De Bellas Artes

Circulo de Bellas Artes is a cultural monument in the center of Madrid. You can go up to this rooftop terrace in Madrid for a small fee (usually around €3). On the roof you will find a cocktail bar and, during summertime, there is also a restaurant. You get some of the best views of the city of Madrid from the terrace. Have a drink or snack while feasting your eyes on the stunning Spanish capital as the sun fades away in the background.

3. Mercado San Antón

Mercado San Antón is an amazing fresh produce and meat market located in the popular neighborhood, Chueca. The first floor is where you can buy all kinds of fresh food and try a variety of different tapas. On the second floor, there are all kinds of wine and cooking stands. But most importantly, on the third floor, there’s the restaurant and cocktail bar that both are located on the rooftop terrace. There are not that many seats available, but if you get a couple, it’ll surely be worth it as they come with nice views of both the Mercado San Antón and the Chueca neighbourhood.

4. Hotel Riu at Plaza de España

On the 26th and 27th floor of the Hotel Riu Plaza España, located in the stunning Edificio España, you will be able to see the city from up high in the sky. You don’t have to go through the lobby of the hotel to access the roof as there’s a separate entrance just for that. You’ll be charged a small fee if you choose to go. The amount they charge depends on the time you decide to come so make sure to check out their website for more information about this. On top of the building, you’ll find a 360° rooftop terrace with a cozy bar and views that’ll leave you in awe.

5. The Principal

Quality is important to The Principal Hotel in Madrid. This is clearly noticeable when you go to their rooftop terrace. The design of this rooftop terrace in Madrid is modern and elegant. This is further enhanced by using classy outside furniture, wooden floors, lots of vegetation, and of course views worth the watch. The Principal is located at the start of Gran Vía, therefore, it offers views of the entire city. Since the quality is high, so are the prices. However, you can expect some of the fanciest, daring mixes, and sophisticated gastronomy if you decide to visit.

6. Terraza de Sabatini

If you’re out to find a rooftop terrace with views of Madrid’s historical landmarks, Terraza de Sabatini would be a good first choice. The terrace will provide you with magnificent views of the Royal Palace of Madrid on one side, and views of Monte el Pardo on the other. The Terraza is filled with garden tables, green surroundings, and even an artificial grass floor. You can order some really nice tapas when you’re there. Additionally, there’s a wide variety of drinks, including Gin & Tonic. From the many rooftop terraces in Madrid, Terraza de Sabatini is a must-see for anyone who wants to see the beauty Madrid has to offer.

7. Nice to Meet You (Dear Hotel)

Nice to Meet You Restaurant and Lounge is a rooftop terrace on the edge of Plaza España, right on the corner of Gran Vía. You’ll find this gem on the 14th floor of the Dear Hotel. The rooftop terrace features a restaurant that serves contemporary dishes. There’s also a lounge area that comes with a cocktail bar next to the pool (for hotel guests only). Best of all, you get 360° panoramic views of the city’s skyline that you won’t quickly forget. The idea behind the design is to create an urban garden where people can relax while enjoying the live DJ.

8. Doña Luza

Doña luz is a rooftop terrace overlooking the world-famous Puerta del Sol. The terrace is located on the top floor of the hotel B&B. There’s both and outside area for during summertime and a heated inside area for winter. The wooden tables and cozy interior make for a pleasant place to spend some time. Not to mention the incredible views you’ll get from the terrace. Once there, you can enjoy a variety of Latin flavors. Additionally, there’s also a cocktail bar to provide you with the perfect overall rooftop experience.

9. The Rooftop at ME Madrid

The rooftop terrace of the ME Hotel in Madrid, also known as Radio, features an incredible bar, a high-class environment, and breathtaking views of the city. It’s located at Plaza Ana. The rooftop bar is known for hosting various amazing events during the night. However, during the daytime, visitors are welcome to enjoy the panoramic views of the city. Beware that this is considered a more high-end rooftop terrace, meaning prices are high. Nonetheless, it’s a beautiful place that’ll be worth your time.

10. Terraza Cibeles

Terraza Cibeles cocktail bar is located at the famous Plaza de Cibeles. The bar itself is located on top of the gorgeous Palacio de Cibeles, in which you can find restaurants, tourist information, and an art gallery. The building used to be home to the postal service with its current purpose leaning more towards the organization of exhibitions of new and historical Spanish artworks. The rooftop bar is a popular spot where people can go for a small fee. Upstairs, you can enjoy a variety of cocktails, wine, cava, and more. It’s highly recommendable to come well in time as getting a nice table with good views can be quite challenging. If you do though, you’ll get an amazing experience out of it.

11. Azotea Forus Barceló

This fabulous rooftop terrace is located on the top floor of the Mercado Barceló. The terrace is decorated much like a garden which perfectly represents the healthy and vegan food options that Azotea Forus Barceló is known for. The terrace features a stunning rooftop bar, great views of the Chueca neighborhood, and reasonably priced drinks. There are two areas, one with high tables for a more informal and social experience, and one for people that prefer to relax and sit down in the restaurant. This place is a must-see in summer as the terrace will be filled with green plants creating the unique feeling of a true urban oasis.

12. VP Plaza España

On the 12th floor of the VP Plaza España Design Hotel, you will find Ginkgo sky bar. This luxurious rooftop terrace features a fancy restaurant and an incredible bar. Occasionally, they organize jazz nights with live music and an incredible atmosphere. When there’s no jazz, there’s a DJ present to provide the suiting music. In the restaurant, you can order different kinds of tasty Asian and Mediterranean food. You’ll be asked to pay a fee if you want to go up, however, this does include a discount on your first drink. In the summertime, there are cocktail parties and people enjoying the warmth by the transparent rooftop swimming pool.

13. Hyatt Centric Gran Vía

This five-star hotel opened back in 2017 and is another one of the mega-hotels located on Gran Vía. The rooftop terrace was dubbed ‘El Jardín de Diana’. The name originates from the Goddess, Diana the hunter, whose impressive statue is on display on the terrace. You can expect an incredible selection of food, classy barrel-aged cocktails, and views to die for.

14. Sunset Lookers (Hotel Santo Domingo)

On the seventh floor of Hotel Santo Domingo, you will find a modern rooftop terrace dubbed Sunset Lookers. The terrace features breathtaking 360° views of the city’s skyline, as well as a great look at the Royal Palace. You can order a wide variety of cocktails at the terrace, ranging from classics to more modern mixes. Sunset Lookers is the perfect place to go if you want to unwind after a busy day in the city.

15. Ático 11 (Hotel de Las Letras)

Ático 11, located on the 7th floor of Hotel de Las Letras, is a popular rooftop terrace in the center of Madrid. Despite its location, it’s still considered a true urban oasis. The terrace is small but very cozy, and it provides you with some incredible views of the city. Menu-wise, you can expect a selection of good tapas with a wide variety of drinks to pair with. Ático 11 is known for their Gin & Tonic and Mojitos. Since it’s a smaller terrace, we recommend you come a little earlier to avoid the crowd for dinner and early-evening drinks.

16. Axel Hotel – Sky Bar

The Axel hotels chain was founded back in 2017 and is known for combining an open-minded, free, and gay-friendly approach. The sky bar is on the top floor of the Axel Hotel on Calle de Atocha in Madrid. The most noticeable feature is definitely the swimming pool that is open all year as it’s heated. The best part is that it’s open to the public for just € 20, this includes a drink and a towel. If you would like to visit a modern 360° rooftop terrace with amazing cocktails and a swimming pool, you have to go to the Sky Bar at the Axel Hotel.

17. Gymage

Gymage is basically a luxurious wellness and fitness center. On the top floor, there’s the rooftop terrace dubbed the Gymage lounge. Here you will find the pool, restaurant, and rooftop bar. The bar serves cocktails, smoothies, coffees, and more, making it the perfect place to go no matter the time of day. In the summer season, people can pay a small fee to enjoy a day of swimming and sunbathing at the pool. From the terrace, you can expect great views of the streets of Malasaña.

18. El Corte Inglés – Gourmet Experience

Located in the heart of the city, you can find the Corte Inglés rooftop Gourmet Experience. Here you can find an extensive selection of international dishes to try varying from Japanese and Mexican to Italian and Spanish cuisine. Prices are generally lower than what you’d usually get from a rooftop on Gran Vía. To put the cherry on top, you get some of the best looks at the palace, Gran Vía, and some of the most popular views of Madrid.

19. Safestay

Safestay is a hostel built in an old Madrid mansion. The actual rooftop lounge is called Sagasta 22 Terrace. The idea was to create a place where people can come to unwind together, relax, and enjoy a good drink. The design was based on the idea to bring hipster influences to a rooftop terrace. The wooden furniture, open terrace, and authentic cocktail bar really help shape this kind of atmosphere. To put the icing on the cake, you can also order a home-made snack from their menu.

20. The Hat

The Hat is a hotel/hostel in Madrid that combines that luxury of a hotel, with the friendly and open approach of a hostel. It’s truly unique in the sense that the hotel runs on biomass energy, appealing to the smart-travelers among us. The rooftop is an absolute must-see. It’s usually packed with people from all over the world (as it’s a hostel). This, in combination with very reasonable prices for drinks, makes The Hat Madrid a really nice place to visit. It’s located close to Plaza Mayor. When you’re enjoying your drink at The Hat, you’ll feel like you’re being teleported away from the craziness of the city for a moment. Therefore, it’s the perfect place to unwind after a day in the city.

21. Skynight – Hotel Puerta América

On the 13th floor of the Puerta América Hotel, you’ll find a terrace as vibrant as the nightlife in the city itself. The entire terrace is covered, allowing it to stay away from noise complaints. When you enter, you’ll see two areas. One is for hotel guests, and the other is for the general public. You can expect a modern mix of urban style with classic influences. Skynight is one of the older rooftop terraces in Madrid after all. You can order incredible cocktails at the bar, dance to live jazz music, and DJ sets or test your Acrophobia on the glass walkway.

22. Generator Hostel

The Generator Hostel is located in the heart of the city and the building dates back to a 1930s parking lot. At the terrace, you will find an informal atmosphere. There are all kinds of seats varying from bar stools to chairs to sofas. There’s a separate area where there’s frequently a DJ playing music. There is also a bar where they serve slush cocktails with Mexican influences. There are even two jacuzzies that you can book starting at €300. The Generator Hostel Terraza is the perfect place to go for a rooftop party or to just relax with a drink while enjoying the magnificent views.

23. Sky 44

Sky 44 rooftop terrace is located on Gran Vía nr. 44, which is where it gets its name from. There are two main areas at Sky 44; the inside area, and the outside area. The inside is decorated so nicely, you’ll want to take pictures of it. As the terrace is located on the 10th floor on Gran Vía, it goes without saying that the views will be incredible. When you’re there, you can order a variety of tapas, Mediterranean fusion dishes, and good cocktails. Sky 44 is most known for their breakfast options though, so make sure to check that out.

24. Hotel Exe Moncloa

The rooftop bar at Hotel Exe Moncloa differentiates itself from the others mainly through its location. Here you will get a whole different kind of panoramic view of places like Parque del Oeste and El Pardo. This is actually where the terrace gets its nickname, La Terraza de Poniente because it is located more in the western part of Madrid. At the terrace, you can enjoy a variety of cold dishes, wine, beer, cocktails, etc. There’s even a swimming pool, although this is for hotel guests only. Check out a different angle of the beautiful city of Madrid at Hotel Exe.

25. El Viajero

El Viajero opened its doors on Plaza de la Cebada in Madrid in 1995. It is located in a three‑story mansion from the late nineteenth century and it offers very different atmospheres depending on the time of day. The garden located on the top floor features incredible views over old Madrid and the Basilica of San Francisco el Grande. This rooftop terrace is an urban oasis adapted that you don’t get too cold or too hot at any time of the year. Additionally El Viajero is the perfect Sunday plan in Madrid, after wandering around the shops of the El Rastro flea market.

26. Picos Pardos – SkyLounge

Located on the rooftop of the Bless Hotel Madrid, Picos Pardos has become the most luxurious rooftop in the capital. This place is in the heart of the Salamanca neighbourhood, and is a great place to cool off in the pool or drink a delicious cocktail on one of their silky lounge beds. Here, You’re sure to have an unforgettable and unique experience from the top of the capital.

Leah has been living in and exploring Madrid since 2013 when she moved to the city for a simple summer abroad. She started the Citylife Blog in 2014 with the goal to share everything there is to know about her favourite place on earth!

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