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Enjoy 2×1 Tacos at Calle 365 every week during Taco Tuesday

If you walk down Calle Echegaray in Barrio de Las Letras, you will come across a secret treasure hidden on the corner. Calle 365, with Margarita and her old botillery. But there is so much more to this place that just an old botillery, more than you can even expect…

About Calle 365

When you enter the old shop, you will quickly realize that Margarita has a secret.

All you need to do is walk through the secret door and you’ll be taken to a secret alley in Mexico that’s filled with color, music and amazing atmosphere! Don’t wait too long with exploring though, because every 365 days the decoration changes completely. Why? We’ll explain below

It all started when Margarita and her husband Guillermo acquired the botillery. Everything seemed normal until Guillermo was persecuted by the government and had to escape, so he left the country and left Margarita alone.

Shortly after, Margarita started to receive  some strange bottles with secret messages from Guillermo, describing the place where he is, a place with a lot of color, with people dancing in the streets, strange food that they call tacos and animals called alebrijes: he is in Mexico. He has promised to send her letters every 365 days to tell her his new location, and when Margarita sleeps, she dreams of everything described in his letters. Thus, the magic of Calle 365 is created.

Want to Celebrate your Birthday at Calle 365?

Margarita invites you and your friends to celebrate your big day at Calle 365! Simply contact Margarita on WhatsApp to arrange the reservation and your birthday group will receive VIP treatment: Skip the line, free entry and frozen margarita shots!

Visiting Calle 365

Now that you know the story, you will know that when you enter this alley, you are entering a dream with fantastic and colorful cocktails such as El Dragón, La Frida, El Jaguar and Dante!

Here, people dance to the rhythm of street music, from classics to good reggaeton, accompanied by delicious Mexican tacos and decoration that only exists in dreams – this is why this alley has become so famous amongst people of Madrid. And please remember to pay it a visit before Guillermo sends another letter and the decoration changes.

If you want to know more about this secret, we invite you to visit their website and remember that every Wednesday Calle 365 hosts Meet & Speak inside Calle 365 to dance and have fun at night in Madrid.

2×1 Tacos & Free Entry at Taco Tuesday

Enjoy delicious tacos fresh from Calle 365’s very own taco truck for half the price! Simply visit Calle 365 every Tuesday between 18:00 – 24:00 or until the location is completely full with our official flyer and show it at the door for free entry and tacos at only 1,5€!

International Language Exchange & Get-together

Every Wednesday at Calle 365 you’ll find young internationals from all over the world gathered for Madrid’s most popular international get-together & language exchange called Meet & Speak! Make sure you register so you can enter the event for free!

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