Boom Boom Ciao: A Culinary Journey Through Italy and Spain

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Enjoy our 2×1 cocktail deal at Boom Boom Ciao

Escape the ordinary and explore some incredibly colourful cultures with the Gianinni Family at Boom Boom Ciao! Nestled in Madrid’s central neighborhood, this hidden gem is a universe of its own. Its vibrant style inspired in the journey of a nomadic Italian family, starting in Italy and ending in Spain’s own Sevilla. Its captivating design both inside and out, and, of course, its delectable fusion cuisine promise an extraordinary, out-of-this-world experience!

About Boom Boom Ciao

The restaurant draws inspiration from the fascinating show that was performed by the Gianinni family along their journey that was also named Boom Boom Ciao!

Inside, visitors are transported to the Gianinni’s colourful caravan populated with butterflies and other magical sites that the family experience on their adventures! This unique aesthetic is seen from every corner of the restaurant. From the interior décor and the tableware to the deliciously cocktails. All in harmony with the Gianinni’s family imaginative vision!

All of this combines to create a truly unforgettable experience.

Enjoy a 2×1 discount on cocktails from Monday to Thursday between 16:00-19:00 at Boom Boom Ciao with your City Card! Order your City Card now and start saving!

Visiting Information

The restaurant is located at C. de Manuela Malasaña, 11, 28004 Madrid (metro Bilbao) and offers lunch and dinner services every day of the week. While reservations are not mandatory, they are preferred and the best way to secure a table.

Want to Celebrate your Birthday at Boom Boom Ciao?

To make your birthday extra special, Boom Boom Ciao will treat you and your friends to a delightful sweet surprise. We can help arrange it for you; just send us a message on WhatsApp!

Cocktails & Menu

A dining experience here is a holistic journey that begins with their stylish beverages and extends to the food! The menu is a tantalizing blend of diverse fusion dishes, constantly evolving and changing, all beautifully presented.

Boom Boom Ciao doesn’t believe in mundane, especially not when it comes to its menu. Each dish is a delightful fusion of diverse ingredients, combining flavors from the world, with a strong emphasis on Italian food. From classic options like croquetas, pizza, and pasta to unique creations like salmon, tuna and veggie dishes, there’s a culinary adventure waiting for you.

When it comes to drinks, Boom Boom Ciao truly excels! From their “Sara” and “Sangría” to their “Espresso Totó”, there’s something to satisfy every adventurous palate.

2×1 Cocktails at Boom Boom Ciao

City Card holders enjoy a permanent 2×1 offer on cocktails at Boom Boom Ciao from Monday to Thursday 16:00-19:00. Just make sure to bring show your digital city card every time before ordering.

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