DECORATE FOR LESS COVERMoving abroad is a really exciting time in someones life. It’s a time to experience a new culture and meet all kinds of people from all over the world. For a lot of people it’s the first time living away from home. No matter where you are, home should be the place where you feel relaxed and comfortable. That’s why it’s really important to make sure that you have have all the necessities that will make your temporary flat in Madrid a real home! You don’t have to spend the big bucks to do this either. There are several cheap places in the city where you can equip your new pad – places like Primark, Ikea and Tigre to name a few. Below we have our three favourite places to find everything you need (and some thing you’ll just want) to decorate your new flat! From bedsheets to kitchenware you will have no shortage of options!

And Don’t forget to pick up your free Madrid Starter Pack when you arrive in Madrid so you can enjoy a 10% disocunt at Muy Mucho and receive a free hanger set from El Universo de Hogar!

MUY MUCHO – Decorate your home on a budget!


Muy Mucho is one of our favourite places to shop! The adorable stores in the centre of Madrid are full of stylish and affordable knick knacks that make a living space comfortable and attractive. The products they offer are high-end designs for unbelievably affordable prices. Muy Mucho has products for the kitchen, the living room, dining room, bathroom, bedroom and even items for your patio or balcony! You can find the things you need, but more importantly you can find the things you really want – from cute candles, decorative pillows and funky kitchen accessories to bedsheets, storage compartments and bathroom supplies! As if their offers couldn’t get any better, you now have the chance to receive a 10% discount at Muy Mucho if you come to the Citylife Office and pick up a coupon! One Muy Mucho store is right accross the street from our office!

URBAN HOME – Make your house your home!

Urban home
is a place where you can truly add your own personal touch to your home decor. They offer cute, fun and stylish accents like shelf toppings, table cloths, wall hangings and other knick knacks as well as useful things like kitchen ware, bathroom items and bedroom linens! And for the creative folk out there you can find a fabric shop in the back! Choose from a wide variety of different fabrics and materials to make your own home items. Whether you want to refurbish some furniture, make your own shower curtain, knit your own blanket – whatever! Both locations are right in the centre of the city and are very accessible!

EL UNIVERSO DEL HOGAR – Equip your bedroom for less!

El Universo del Hogar is another one of our go-to home decor suppliers! They specialize in textile products like blankets, carpets, towels and curtains at ridiculously low prices! But that’s not all! You can find virtually everything you need for all parts of your home! They’ve got everything from cute storage units and fashionable living room accessories to classic bathroom sets and fun kitchen supplies! To make decorating your home even less stressful, you can pick up a coupon at the Citylife Office and you’ll receive a complimentary set of hangers for free from El Universo del Hogar to get you started on your apartment decorating journey!

Your friendly neighbourhood travel guide,

– Leah



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