A VinoQuedada is…

Yes, we are going to drink some wine… but the VinoQuedadas are also meetings between fans of the world of wine, where you can learn about and enjoy (responsibly) many different types of wines.

The VinoQuedadas are organized parties to discover products, share opinions, exchange anecdotes and experiences and, ultimately, enjoy all that is linked with WINE, such as, food, life, sensations, history and culture. Wine is so versatile and socially adaptable that it allows us to share many things and in many ways. Generally the wine is accompanied by food tastings or gastronomic elaborations, but in a VinoQuedada the fundamental thing is the people.


They are people of legal age, who understand that friendships are unions formed from common hobbies or sharing experiences. Responsible people who recognize that with the enjoyment of wine there also exists the importance of generating new friends, other VinoQuedadores.

They are probably the most egalitarian and best distributed group of people, because the passion for wine is more important than any sexual, political, economic, or sporting conditions, etc.

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