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Halloween is just around the corner and for those of us who take it very seriously, it’s time to start preparing (lets be honest, you’ve probably already started). However, it’s very important to note that Halloween is a relatively new celebration in Spain and it looks a little different than what we picture in North America. While the stereotypical Halloween celebration in America is full of candy and suggestive costumes, the Spanish have kept Halloween on the scary side. You will see most people dressed up as something dead, monstrous or horrific. So, what exactly is a typical Halloween in Madrid and how can you get the most of this famous holiday? Take a look at everything Madrid will offer this October 31st!

Day of the Dead

Flores-Dia-de-Todos-los-SantosThe Day of the Dead is really the holiday that started it all. This particular day is most known in as a Mexican holiday. But, it’s very popular in almost all Roman Catholic countries. This is also known as All Souls Day (Dia de todos los Santos) and takes place the day after Halloween. This is a day where families and friends honour all the souls in their lives who have passed on. Typically the people will wear all black and visit the local cemetery, or the cemetery where their loved ones are buried. You can buy the traditional flowers and candles at almost any street corner on this day. After which you bring them to pray for all the lost souls of the family, city, country and the world. In the afternoons it’s typical for friends and families to gather together for a feast of traditional All Souls Day foods – like Huesos de Santo and Panellets. If you want to do the Halloween season right, you have to participate in this ancient tradition!

Terror Parks

1280x720-U_WBoth of Madrid’s prominent theme parks will be hosting multiple Halloween themed events through the month of October and some of November. Parque Warner will be completely transformed into a town of Horrors which will include “Friday the 13th Bloody Camp“, a recreation of the famous “Elm Street” and a Wild West city that has become overrun with zombies! There will also be activities for children and big spooky parade at the end of each night! In addition Madrid’s Parque de Attracciones will also be transforming into a terrifying world of horrors. The park will include an “Insidious Experience” where you can try to survive scenes from the film trilogy. A “Hospital of the Dead” and most importantly, the famous “Walking Dead Experience” where visitors can attempt to survive a zombie apocalypse. Parque de Attracciones won’t have anything for children, so they recommend not bringing anyone under the age of 10 years old.


hollywood-toys-and-costumesLike most shops in the Madrid city centre, you won’t be able to find massive department store sized costumes shops like you might back home. You might find some ridiculously overpriced costumes at El Corte Ingles but you’d be way better off looking at local shops. There is no shortage of costume shops all over the city for you to buy this years scariest costumes. With one week left until the big day, you’d better start searching for Halloween persona now! As I mentioned earlier, the tradition of scary costumes is honoured much more here so most shops will sell these types. You will be impressed with the bloody some peoples costume creativity! Some Great shops to check out include BarulloCompanyMenkes, Maty and Fantástica. On top Maty offers a 10% discount showing the voucher on your cell phone! Click here!

Halloween Parties

fm-halloween-madThis year Halloween lands on a Monday, which means it’s going to be a pretty crazy weekend followed by an amazing Monday night! The streets of Madrid will be covered in costume clad people roaming the streets from party to party, from club to club. If you’re looking for something for you and your friends to do we’ve got some great options for you! To get the most of this Halloween weekend come party with us on Monday for Fuckin’ Monday’s FRIGHT NIGHT at the club LIBERTY in barrio Salamanca! Come wearing your costume and you could win “best dressed” in our costume contest! If you arrive in costume you will get a deliciously “bloody” shot and a chance to win our costume contest! Check out each event for details on guest list, entry fee’s and opening hours!

Other Events

MITHS-AND-MISTERIES-29.10In addition, there will be many quirky and fun Halloween themed locations and events all over town! Like our Myths and Mysteries tour happening on Thursday the 27th! Join us on a walk through winding streets of medieval Madrid as we discover the dark secrets of the city from over the last hundreds of years! If you’re really into the whole Halloween thing, check out this amazing list of themed restaurants and bars where you can be served by a vampire and feast on some ghoulish meals! Would you dare to spend the night in a haunted house? Scare yourself silly at the House of Horrors in Aranjuez. The ticket includes dinner, open bar, breakfast and a night of haunting horrors!



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