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In the busy world of urban flex-living, Node stands out as a beacon of contemporary lifestyle and community cohesion. Node is a brand known for its commitment to innovation and quality of stay. It has a presence in major cities like New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, London, Dublin, Waterloo (Canada), Madrid and Barcelona, making it a global leader in redefining the coliving experience.

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Node is for anyone who wants to live and learn. Whether you’re an ambitious student or young professional looking to make a name for yourself, an entrepreneur on a mission to make it big or a digital nomad ready to explore the world, Node has got you covered. Its hubs are buzzing with creativity, energy and ambition, bringing together individuals from all walks of life to form a vibrant community right here in Madrid. Node offers a whole range of events, workshops and networking opportunities to help you make meaningful connections, share ideas and collaborate with others.

Exciting news awaits as Node prepares to unveil its latest hub in Alcobendas this August. Standing tall with 22 floors, this state-of-the-art facility offers a total of 888 beds, featuring a diverse range of studios and apartments equipped with all-inclusive amenities. Residents can indulge in the luxury of community living while enjoying access to top-notch facilities such as a rooftop terrace on the top floor, a fully-equipped gym, collaborative coworking spaces, sports courts, a swimming pool, among others. Staying at Node means more than just a place to stay – it’s an opportunity to immerse oneself in a vibrant community where connections flourish and experiences abound.

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We’re absolutely thrilled to invite you to discover the unparalleled lifestyle offered by Node. Whether you’re a seasoned student or a passionate professional, Node provides a seamless blend of comfort, convenience, and connectivity. With a commitment to fostering meaningful connections and promoting personal growth, Node is more than just a coliving space, it’s a lifestyle choice!

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