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When you really are a sushi lover any day can be International Sushi day, the perfect excuse to honor this delicious culture of eating raw fish (in its original conception) together with rice, prepared in a special way to achieve a glutinous texture. Originally from Japan, in Madrid we are fans of this ancestral dish, and not only because it is now trendy, but because we love it!  That’s why we’re going to spill out some Japanese restaurants for you to celebrate your own International Sushi Day!

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You can now unleash your addiction to Japanese food without fearing its impact to your pocket, because Master Koji Otani’s sushi will make you forget all your worries for only 12€! Kokoro’s fish is super fresh and for just over 12 euros, you can order it every day (Tuesday to Friday, 13:30-16:00) with the menu, at Calle Don Ramón de la Cruz, 72 (Metro Lista).

Madame Sushita

When entering Madame Sushita, (Paseo de la Habana 15) you´ll discover a sort of Rococo library, with large shelves full of books – no less than 12,000 – covering the walls, the highest ceilings, large lamps and voluptuous plants. Its impeccable interior design – velvet sofas, cushions of fancy materials and exquisite tableware – makes us feel immediately in the Paris of the 18th century, although the flavors transfer us to the most exotic Japan!

L’Artisan Furansu Kitchen

You love sushi but your friend is disgusted by the idea of raw fish? Well this place is just for you! L’Artisan Furansu Kitchen is a small unpretentious place in Las Letras neighborhood, (Calle Ventura de la Vega, 15, Metro Sevilla) where you can share both French and Japanese food! It creates a memorable kitchen, combining the discipline of traditional Japanese food with the style of contemporary French cuisine. L’Artisan does not merge, but understands that both culinary traditions are complementary, and offer an unforgettable dining experience!

Noname Bar

Noname Bar, located in Calle Alberto Aguilera 5, they take care of both the image and the food. Probably one of the most hipster sushi places in Madrid, they don´t only have a dj and fabulous cocktails, but also they master Japanese-inspired fusion cuisine and…its suitable for all budgets!

Sushita Café

Plenty of color, a vertical garden, noble materials such as wood or marble and large windows to the outside, Sushita Café in Calle Miguel Ángel 11 is one of those places to which there is no choice but to stop and stare at its pure beauty. The menu is a complete tour of Japanese culture, where apart from sushi you´ll find salads, soups, and even Japanese tapas!


This small restaurant occupies a stand of Antón Martín´s food market, and about a year ago opened a second place to dedicate themselves to take-away sushi! Yokaloka is highly valued by fans of Japanese food in Madrid, and above all it stands out for its great quality-price ratio, you can eat very good sushi at very reasonable prices.

Monsieur Sushita

Having become one of the new ‘musts’ of Barrio de Salamanca, Monsieur Sushita seems to be one step ahead in everything. Its decoration, with unique pieces and a dream-covered patio, would be enough of a reason to want to go, but in case it wasn´t, in Calle Velázquez 68, Japanese cuisine is mixed with Moroccan, Peruvian, Thai and even Hawaiian touches!

Adriana was born and raised in Madrid. She has also studies at Madrid's own Universidad Rey Juan Carlos! You'll find her usually at Meet & Speak on Thursdays and when not there, she's probably studying a new language!

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