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When in Spain, it’s time to take your wine seriously. Spain is one of the top 3 wine-producing countries in the world, providing a large variety of wines with different flavors and qualities. The difference between each wine depends on where in Spain the wine was produced. In order to help classify each type of wine, the Spanish use a system called the Designation of Origin (D.O.). This system is used to recognize the different qualities and characteristics in the production of wines. Today, there are more than 70 different Designations of Origin for wines in Spain!

Located only two hours north of Madrid in Castilla y Leon, Ribera del Duero holds the crown of Spain’s second-greatest wine region. Second is the best, right? Ribera del Duero gained its title of Designation of Origin in 1982, and now has over 200 wineries in the region along with more than 20,000 vineyard acres.

ribera-del-duero-wine-guideRibera del Duero
is a land many people would consider unpromising when it comes to making wine. With an average altitude of 800 meters, the flat landscape suffers extreme climate changes throughout the year. After the dry and hot summers comes the harsh and frosty winters. However, over the years this unpromising land has produced some of the best wines in the world! The region of Ribera del Duero is divided by the Duero River (Ribera del Duero literally means ‘bank of the Duero’), which gives local vineyards easy access to an ongoing water supply. The region is famously known for its high quality red wines made with the Tempranillo grape (also known as Tinta del Pais). The Tempranillo grape is used to make a variety of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Malbec wines. in the end, the land of Ribera del Duero is a wine region that surpassed all wine producers’ expectations, and should be on every wine-lover’s bucket list!

Want to experience the magic that is Ribera del Duero wine? Don’t miss out on our upcoming day trips to Ribera del Duer & Burgos for a chance to see where Spain’s world renown wine is made! To read more about beautiful Burgos, click here!

–  Justina


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